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  1. "How to Apply Creams"
  2. "Food Allergies"
  3. "Protopic/Tacrolimus - updated 28/03/2004"
  4. "Food Diary"

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  • Avoiding Food Guide - FSA and DOH December 2004

  • 0ur Food Diary - updated 18/2/2005

  • Protopic/Tacrolimus - updated 28/03/2004

  • Pimecrolimus Fact Sheet

  • Sun Screens and Ingredients - May 2004

  • Eczema and the Sun - May 2004

  • Information For Teenagers With Eczema - April 2004

  • Ciclosporin - February 2004

  • Facial Eczema- February 2004

  • Diet and Eczema in Children - September 2003

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