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Air purifyers

Air purifyers

Postby Finally » Wed Apr 05, 2006 5:41 pm

Hi.I have had atopic eczema all my life ( I am now 24), this is probably nothing that is going to change. However, 3 years ago my skin got extremely bad. Much, much worse than ever before. It was triggered by a bad sunscreen. I couldnt sleep, scratching myself crazy, lost loads of weight just because of the cratching, bled loads, black bed sheets going white, u name it. It was absolutely dreadful.
The reason i am writing however is because a couple of months ago it all stopped. And the only thing I did was buy an air purifyer. Mouldy houses are everywhere and an increasing amount of people are getting extremely allergic to this kind of mould. This was clearly what my problem was. I have moved several times because off this and it never stopped, however it has changed in intensity. But if i keep the air purifyer (not humidity) on at all times in my beedroom, my skin does not get affected at all. I am writing here to alert other people that have tried all creams and every type of clothing and it doesnt help.

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