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What worked for me

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What worked for me

Postby jdstew76 » Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:00 am

Hello everyone, several years ago I began getting horrible eczema in the dry winter months, particularly on my legs. Tried anything and everything, nothing worked. Finally I went to a doctor who told me that all I needed to do was put lotion on after the shower, while my skin was still wet. I told him I had already tried putting it on while my skin was damp, and he said no, the skin needs to be WET; that is how it gets into the skin. He said it works in 90% of all cases of eczema. I was very skeptical and thought he was probably a quack, but I did this and lo and behold - it WORKED!!! As long as I do this every night after my shower during the cold months, I do not get the itching, and this has been for about 8 winters now. I told other people with eczema and they have told me it works for them too. (BTW, if I don't do the lotion for a few nights in the winter, the itching comes back). (Also, I do not have a problem in the summer, so I only need to do it during the cold/chilly months - this may change the older I get, I'm guessing, since usually the skin gets dryer as you get older...I'm 38 now).

Remember, though...it only works if you do not dry off AT ALL...so yes, you WILL be all slimy for a while, until the lotion dries, which feels a little weird, so you will need to get used to that. He said to use Lubriderm or Aveeno, which I normally do, but in a pinch I have used other lotions and they seem to work too. (I think the reason for the Lubriderm or Aveeno is that they contain less perfumes, etc., to irritate sensitive skin).

I had been meaning to share this for the longest time but hadn't gotten around to it; better late than never! If this helps even 1 person, it will have been worth posting! Such a simple solution; I can't believe no one else (including doctors and online medical sites) either don't know or don't share this. Good luck, everyone...I hope it helps you as it did me! :)
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