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Some causes of flare ups(for me)

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Some causes of flare ups(for me)

Postby StopTheItch » Wed Aug 12, 2015 12:19 am

Hi, I am just going to post what causes my skin to flare up and some solutions/remedies that help myself and which may help you too. I am 19 years old and I use to suffer terrible with eczema as a baby. My mother would have to bath me daily then plaster me in creams like an alien until it stopped when I turned around 4.

Stress do affect me a lot as when I'm stressed I do tend to itch more and also if I have a poor sleepimg routine. I find when I have a good sleeping arrangement of at least 8/9 hours I suffer less as I am less groggy and aggitated.

I find that all throughout the winter my skin is fine, apart from my hands which just get dry but moisturising daily will keep it next to nothing. The moisturiser I recommend the most is Aveeno as I have used it on my hands and face throughout the winter just to keep skin smooth and it worked a treat.

My flare ups usually happen around July time every year(summer for some reason) which is down to perhaps hayfever or my body just not agreeing to the warmer weather. What also makes my skin to itch is fur I don't like the feel of it which is down to being allergic to pets.

Things that help me and things you need to consider to help eczema not flare up:-
Washing detergent/powder. I use Surf as my body agrees to that body any other is a no go.
No using perfume directly onto my skin e.g neck as it will irritate the skin. So use it on clothes instead.
Make sure the area of where you sleep is kept clean. I change bedding weekly, and keep my room clean by hoovering and dusting regularly.
Throughout the summer I do only sleep with a thin sheet and no quilt inside it, I leave both two windows open(with closed blinds and curtains) which gives a nice breeze.
KEEP BATHING AS LOW AS POSSIBLE. As strange as it sound I find that the more I bath the more my skins suffers, so I go from showering daily in the winter to bathing once a week twice maximum which includes Dermol 600 1 and a half cap and I just soak my body for 10 minutes at a time.
I also use Dermol 500 when my skin is bad instead of soap which is a lot lighter and moisturises the skin.
KEY POINT - when you do get out of the bath, do not run the towel across your skin, simply pay it dry gently on every part of your body. This helps a lot.
The moment your done pat drying your skin with the towel the next ten minutes is vital to be moisturising your skin as the paws are still open after bathing so apply moisturiser in this case I use Cetraben.

IF AT ANY TIME YOU NOTICE YOUR AFFECTED AREAS WEEPING ANY FLUIDS GO STRAIGHT TO THE DOCTORS. This means it is infected and the doctor will then give you a course of antibiotics to stop the infection.

I have been in and out of doctors for years and I have found that if I use the same moisturiser for a long period of time such as E45, Doublebase etc that my body just gets use to it so I need something else. So if you feel like nothing seems to be working perhaps ask the doctor for something else as they have a lot of different creams, ointments, steroid creams they can try you with so don't be afraid to ask they are there to help.

When suffering from a flare up, wherever it is on your body I recommend you going straight to the doctor and showing them it no matter where it is on the body. I've recently showed them it on my stomach and back and my doctor which I've had since a baby is nothing but sympathetic as she has realised also it comes back every year so do not be shy, show them and they will then inspect and choose the correct path of steroid cream or moisturiser and antibiotics if any of the affected areas are weeping.

I'm going to stop blabbering on now, I just want to end on the note yes I have eczema and yes you have eczema or you would not be reading this seeking advice and help and the fact of the matter is there is always someone out there that has it worse than us. Yes we hate it at times and feel low self esteem and even embarressed but we can not help it, it's just genetics. As soon as you accept you have it and treat it by moisturising daily the quicker it will be reduced as after all if you do not look after yourself and treat it, it will not go away by itself!
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