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Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby TiredOfEczema » Sun Nov 12, 2006 5:14 am

Im only 20 years old and i have under eye wrinkles due to my eczema. Does anyone have any advise on how to make them go away. I also have eczma on my face, neck, arms, legs, hands, feet, back, stomach basically everywhere. No treatment seems to work and i am embarrsed to even let my boyfriend look at me. Nothing seems to stop the constent itching and it drives me crazy. My Eczema makes me so depressed sometimes that i want to die.

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby evileczema » Sun Nov 12, 2006 9:33 pm

Dear tired of eczema, Damn i hear ya im 21 and in the same boat feel as though i look 30 and to make it worse im a beauty therapist so im forever advising poeople on skin care ( fine when mines clear, highly embarrasing when i look like the blotch monster.. i do today i may add!!)

Its really strange i've had it on and off since i was a baby i can go 7-8 years not a mark on me and then almost over night ...... im a scaley prune again! This last bout started about two weeks ago and when it flairs im like a bear with a sore head i feel like everyone is staring especially bcoz of the industry im in!! I feel like i can control everyone elses skin but my own!! I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING!!! being in the sun helps so i USED to go on the sunbeds but now i have awfull wrinkles bcoz of it! All i can say 1000000% is try and stay away from shitty steriods as much as possible ( yes every now and then when that itch is so intense i give in!) but never on my face i think due to steriod creams being issued as a baby my skin is now so super sensitive!!and thin!!!

I some times can't slepp cause im itching so much its a vicous circle its stress indused and then it makes me more stressed that its there!! Winter is always worst central heating harsh cold winds!! arghhh! my eyes are real bad at the moment all swollen and puffy look like i've bn punched and my hands are so sore especially in between my fingers!!

I compleatly understand about boyfriend i woke up one day last year looked in the mirror and when he woke up i was like "don't look at me" and i couldn't stop crying!! To be honest though i think we think we look worst coz not only do we see it we can feel it dry, puffy, inflammed ITCH!

listen i don't know where this essay came from and the way i feel right now i don't feel like i have any good suggestions ( i feel like i find something thats working great and then a few weeks later the problem re occurs arghhhhh!) but just want you to know i'm with you on it all and feel exactly the same ( i've felt suicidal with it all at times too!) we just gotta try and be positive and think there are far more other things to be worrying about and lots of other people far worse off than us..... its only eczema!!!!!! ( evil bloody eczema lol!! )

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby totallie » Fri Nov 24, 2006 1:11 pm

Hello to you both. I'm 21 ans suffering just like you are, beleive me I know how you feel (and it's nice to know i'm not the only one suffering from this - i thought i was). Eczema around me eyes has come up big style. Like you, I've had really itchy eyes (on the eyelid edge mainly), which go puffy, red and weep once rubbed. Night time is worst - I've just combatted rubbing and itching my eyes during the day - but at night i wake up and i'm rubbing my eyes and that is SO frustrating! In the mornings i really look terrible and try to cover it up the best i can but i'm so self concsious - and worst of all ,people at work are now noticing. sometimes it's a challenge just to get to work. i think it's my job that may have caused this because i've sarted a new job 4 months ago (stress factor) and work with computers in an air conditioned office (dries eyes out)

what i'm trying at the moment is viscotears during the day to keep the eye moisturised and hopefully this will stop that itchy feeling - and at night i'm putting in lacri-lube which is a thick gel, and its supposed to help stop eyes sticking together in the morning. i'm using diprobase around the eyes where the skin is dry and red. to be honest i do'nt really know what else to try. there are some eye cleaning wipes called LidCare which i may try, just 2 keep the eye clean.

trying to keep off steroids at the moment - trobule is it's a quick fix and instant relief - dont use it as much as i used to and when i do i use v. small amounts.

i hope what i've mentioned may be of some use to you both - remember - keep happy!

All the best

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby evileczema » Mon Nov 27, 2006 12:47 pm

Hi Totallie, Good to hear from you!! Well since my last post i've had a major blow out with a total bitch i work with!!

If this ism't bullying i don't know what is!

I was sat at reception and this lovely girl said to me "are you tired?"
I said "yeah" to which she replied "you must be your skin's awfull what are you using?"

Tired of explaining i've tried everything under the sun and its probally cost me near on a grand in the last three years I said "just what i always use"

" oh well think its time for a change" and laughed. I wanted to scream there and then for the humiliation, the arrogance and for being ten years older than me and not knowing better, how childish???

Three days later i was still speaking to this girl like nothing has happened!( i didn't see the point it letting it effect me)

In the staff room she starts again " you must be so stressed your skin is terrible whats going on with your lips there all scabby?""

BITCH ALERT BITCH ALERT!!! On both occasions there has been other people there which adds to the humiliation thankfully the second time one of the girls stuck up for me and said thats a bit nasty

Fighting the tears i managed to say "unless you've had it you don't know what its like i've tried everything!"

I didn't speak to this girl for the next few days and tried my best to block her out untill she started shouting at me about an akward atmosphere and how it couldnt continue.

So we had a chat and i burst out crying explaining that its so bad some days i don't want to get out of bed and that some mornings i'll take three anti histamine tablets just so i can open my eyes she told me she used to have bad acne so she understood i felt like sayin if you know how it feels then you''ll know the worst possible thing someone can do is mention it!!
She seemed sorry but maybe it was more to do with the fact everyone knew she had said it and thought she was out of order who knows??

All i can say is its true what they say bullys are people who have been bullied themselves at some point however wouldn't you think a 31 would know better?

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby Totallie » Mon Nov 27, 2006 1:35 pm

hiya evileczema,

sorry to hear about this bitch you work with, just proves how spiteful and non-understanding some people are in this world - makes me tempted to give em a thump on the eyes and say 'there, now you look worse than i do'!! hehehe but no violence is not the way.

i really beleive that people who dont suffer from eczema think 'oh its just a bit of itchy skin, big deal', but its so much more than that. its not just a physical thing its a mental thing as well.

but, as hard as it is getting up and just going to work in the mornings, i dont want to NOT go to work cos of eczema, if u know what i mean, cos then its like its beaten me.

but its horrible isnt it, when you know that people are noticing. i'm fed up of being asked 'are you feeling ok?' and 'are you feeling tired?' cos i forever have to reply through gritted teeth with 'NO - I'm fine thanks' grrr!

someone asked me last week, 'are you ok? you don't look very good around the eyes,' to which i just laughed (yes, laughed, i was surprised at myself) and replied, 'ah well, i never look good around the eyes!' to which the person obviously felt a bit guilty and started going, 'oh no dont say things like that, didnt mean anything by it' etc etc,

the good thing is, once you tell them its eczema, they tend not to say too much more. i said to one person, 'yeh its eczema round my eyes, makes me look crap, but i'm just getting on with my life, cos it could be worse'

i think that's important to remember - i know how crap eczema is, but there are people out there with much worse conditions ( i know its hard to think like that sometimes)

i'm sorry how your colleague treated you but that's just pure bullying and is not on at all, but well done for trying not 2 let it effect you :-)

ah the things we have to put up with, heh?!

keep happy evileczema!

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby teacake » Sun Feb 11, 2007 3:13 pm

Hi i have had a recent flare up around my eyes,someone suggested bio oil? any use?

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby Tired of Eczema » Tue Jun 19, 2007 9:12 pm

My Eczema has gotten allot better since I posted back in November. I been using Triamcinlne Acetonide ointment and its the only medication that works. I dont use any other lotions because it just irritates my skin more. I still have the under eye wrinkles though and I really hate it because im only 21 years old. Im kinda nervous for August because every August for the past 2 years i get a flare up on my face that lasts months. Im hoping with my medication this wont happen. Thanks for you all sharing it means alot knowing that other people are going through the same. Sorry it took so long to reply i been very busy with school. Good thing i dont have to go back ti'll fall.
Tired of Eczema

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby stuck » Tue Nov 20, 2007 6:41 pm

help due to having eczema flare ups under my eyes i now have v.deep and unusual wrinkles!!! My doctor said i could use hydrocortisone around the area, but i think this might have added and worsend the wrinkle problem :~ is there any chance my skin will go back to normal?

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby em » Wed Jan 09, 2008 1:22 pm

Hi Stuck, just read your message today. I also have very bad wrinkles under and above my eyes due to using steriod creams as a child and they have not disappeared and probably never will. Sometimes they are not as noticeable but a couple of days a week they seem to flare up and I get the usual comments like "You look tired" and "Did you have a drink last night" - and it gets very annoying after a while. Unfortunately I think we have to live with these wrinkles unless we can afford an eye bag removal operation - which I can't!!!

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby Lorraine » Thu Feb 07, 2008 6:37 pm

Hi i have had eczema for 3 months now under my eyes and my cheeks and i feel so depressed i wont go out, i have tried several creams nothing has helped i feel like a monster i always looked after my apperance, so this is really getting to me so i understand how people feel good luck one day there will be a cure please god love Lorraine from Basildon england


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