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Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby peachchoo » Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:48 am

Please use fresh aloe vera to apply under eyes constantly & apply with aqueous cream as often as you can. My wrinkles had disappeared. ( I had just post my message at 'ECZEMA AROUND THE EYES' )
Best of Luck.

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby jwils230 » Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:32 pm

I too have suffered this eye ezema thing since I was about 16 I am now 42. All sorts of creams and make up will set it off. I cannot wear eye make up. If I do I am prepared for a flare up for up to 2 weeks after. I am excited to read everyones emails and know it is not just happening to me. I have not met anyone else who suffers from this. I look forward to using aloe vera and the aveena products to see how i go. i will let you know...........

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby Hollie84 » Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:48 am

Hi everyone, I am 25 and have suffered from eczema around my eyes for around 6 years now. I have patches that are red and sore and go through stages of being dry to very flaky and some mornings can be very swollen. The doctor prescribed me hydrocortizone ointment, which i can see from other comments on here that i should not be using. It really gets me down when my eyes look so dry and wrinkly :(
The doctor told me to stop wearing make up but i have to look presentable for work and i like to wear it but my patches of dry skin are not where i put make up anyway - they tend to be just under my eyebrows and under my eyes, i dont put any make up here just on my eyelids and lashes and face.
I have stopped using 'simple' prodcuts as these seemed to irritate my eyes but i cant seem to find a suitable eye make up remover - does anyone know of a good one?
I am going home to throw away my hydrocortizone cream and try the salt water and vaseline suggestions and hope something works out!
Any other hints and suggestions welcome!

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby Maria » Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:09 am

Ive just developed eczema around my eyes and Im in my mid twenties. Ive given up my eye make up, it so depressing because I look a lot older since its affected me. Im definitely going to try the salt water solution.
NEEM OIL is usually available in Indian grocery stores.

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby Esther227 » Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:13 am

Im 16 years old, and i am home today from school because i had a flare up and its super red and flaky around my eyes. Also, my neck is also seriously red and swollen. I had eczema ever since i was born, but after moving from america to china, it seems to have gotten worse. it sometimes looks fine and im rly confident, but days like today, im really depressed and im anxious when i go out in public because everyone asks me whats wrong with my skin. Ive tried literally everything but most of them stop working after a while. My advice to ppl who hAve dry skin is to put on heaps of vaseline on the dry parts of your skin and also put some fresh aloe plant on it too. I know its rly itchy but try not too sratch because i heard that makes it even worse cuz the dirt from ur nails will enter trough the cracks. I know how every1 feels and dont feel bad and try to stay as confident as possible becuase there are ppl in this world who have more serious diseases than us. good luck and God bless you:)

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby skyToronto » Sun Oct 17, 2010 5:13 pm


I too have had eczema, dyshidrosis of the fingers in a mild state my entire 48-years of life. About 4-years ago, during a battle with the flu, my eyes began to puff, itch and then scale to a point where I believed I had a really serious illness. The doctor did not know what the cause was and linked my symptoms to the virus. After much research, I am now led to believe that my condition, and this is really important as not every condition of eczema is the same, results from the following: Eczema is a mild to severe skin reaction to an internal “threat” or allergen. There is a wide range in the degree of eczema skin symptoms that different types of eczema cause. Eczema can range from very mild and virtually unnoticeable to very thick, unsightly patches of grey leather like areas on the skin. The patches or areas of skin that are affected try to encapsulate the perceived allergen by sealing it off and surrounding it with more epithelial (skin) cells. My flare up only happens in extreme dry weather, Fall & Winter changes in climate. I recently came across a treatment plan of Lavender oil, a 1-2 drops, mixed with organic extra virgin olive oil, 3-5 drops and then placed on to a Q-tip and applied to the area of my eye affected with the eczema, under the bottom eye lid and up around the corner. At first you will feel through your eye ducts, the vapours of the lavender. Do not panic, just dip the other end of the Q-tip into some olive oil, I keep 1-2 oz or organic extra pressed olive oil in a glass vile for daily use on my face and apply another very light coating to the affected area. Within seconds, you will notice the swelling will begin to subside and the irritated area will begin to cool with relief. The scaling will also begin to disappear and the colour will also slowly return back to normal. I cannot profess that this occurrence will be experienced to all who use this recommendation, but I too tried everything and this "new" remedy worked instantly for me.

P.S. I have been applying organic extra virgin olive oil, in very small amounts via a Q-tip to my face as part of my daily regiment for the past 10-years and I have been told that I have the skin of a man in his early 30's. I have light surface lines around my eyes, forehead and laugh/smile folds. I started taking care of my skin in my early 20's, vitamen E oil, aloe vera face bars for cleansing and little to no animal soap usage along with consuming the recommended amount of daily water intake, and most importantly, listening to my female partners along the way instead of being too macho to head their intrinsic advice.

Best wishes to all...

Sky in Toronto, Canada

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby hollie84 » Tue Oct 19, 2010 10:02 am

Further to my previous post a few weeks ago i have tried pure aloe vera gel, aloe with propolis and both have not made a difference. The salt water seemed to make my eyes go even redder but eventually they went down.
I purchased the 'Dry eye gel' from the skin shop which has completely got rid of the dryness however my eyes are still swollen and red.
Can anyone reccommened a good make up remover that wont aggrevate the eczema? ( i have tried nearly all ones for sensitve skin simple etc but they just irritate it)

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby make up » Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:43 am

I use simlpe fash wash to remove my make up but if that irritates your skin use avene, their range is amazing, takes all the redness and soreness away (but a little bit pricey).
make up

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby stephy » Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:10 pm

Whilst I've had a slight touch of dry skin, which could have been an onset of eczema, above and below my eyes some time ago from using a toner that must have been too harsh on my skin, I've never had any problems with eczema before, until last week.

After looking increasing tired around my eyes, with deep set bags - more so than usual - for a couple of weeks, the skin around my eyes started to become really dry, all of a sudden, starting near the inner eye and spreading quickly further down and around, as well as above.

I've never had allergies to anything, so this seemed unlikely, plus I hadn't changed to any new products recently or been anywhere different or in contact with anything new. I have, however, been extra stressed recently and feeling run down, and this, together with the onset of cold temperatures, I feel is what brought on what I believe to be eczema.

After the first couple of days of dryness, things started to get worse, with the skin around my eyes going really red, a bit 'rashy', incredibly dry (despite moisturising), and thus very painful - on monday morning just gone (it's now Wednesday) I woke up looking like I'd been punched in both eyes – it was red raw and especially painful – the dryness was also giving really bad wrinkles as the skin shrivelled (I've had some wrinkles from long periods of difficultly sleeping, but this was quite shocking considering I'm only about to turn 23). I had already stopped wearing make-up on and around my eyes but that didn’t seem to help.

Anyway, the point to my story is that I started looking online to see if there was anything I could do, and quickly discovered a lot of doctors were prescribing steroid and cortisone creams etc, which thin the skin with potentially permanent damage, giving bad wrinkles. My doctor isn’t particularly attentive and I presumed they would do the same, but even so I called to book in and instead on an appointment, I got told to just pop into the local ‘walk-in’ medical centre and see someone there. Before bothering to do this, I found this brilliant website, and in desperation for a fast solution, I began reading through tonnes of the posts.

I soon realised that so many others were suffering with exactly the same thing, sometimes for years, which did worry me, so I kept reading and jotted down all the regularly mentioned suggestions for possible ‘self-treatments’ and things that had actually worked for others. I found the following:
- Cup/jug of water and salt solution to bath on the eyes (whilst shut) for a couple of minutes before patting dry.
- Vaseline
- Aveeno cream
- Olive oil
- Baby oil with a bit of salt mixed in used on the effective area
- Sudocreme
... and there were some other things mentioned, but I think those above were the main ones. I’d already tried several moisturisers with no joy, and also applied Vaseline on the area which seemed to protect the area well but didn’t really help overall.
By the end of the working day on the Monday, I was coming home ready to try one of these remedies in the hope that I could find something to help – I was pretty desperate because I had an interview at 9.am the next day and certainly didn’t want to wake up again with red, swollen, painful eyes.

On the way home, I remembered someone mentioned that ‘Aveeno’ cream (that had done wonders for them) was available from Sainsbury’s, so I stopped and picked some up, and thought I would try that. I bought the standard ‘Aveeno Cream’ for about £6.70 for a 100ml tube, but they do ‘Skin Relief Lotion – shea butter’ (on offer at Sainsbury’s and Asda for less than £4 for 200ml), and standard ‘Lotion’ etc too, which I presume are more for the body being lotion, but it doesn’t say on it that you can’t use it around eyes.

As soon as I got home I gently cleansed my face and used a L’Oreal sensitive eye make-up remover to cleanse my eyes, and generously applied the Aveeno cream all over, but particularly focused around the eyes. At first, because it is quick absorbing, it didn’t seem as moisturising as some really thick moisturisers you can get, but I stuck with it, and reapplied around the eyes a few times throughout the evening, and once again when I woke in the night.

Waking up on Tuesday was a huge relief, it had made a massive difference! The puffiness and redness had just about gone, and where I’d also had some slightly bumpy rash, that had gone down almost completely – my eyes felt a million times better and much much less dry.

I continued using it, applying regularly, especially a couple of times before bed and in the mornings, but I’ve also used it on the rest of my face too. It’s now Wednesday afternoon and my skin feels and looks great around my eyes, and I’d say that the eczema has cleared up almost completely with no redness whatsoever. Where it had been really scaly toward my inner eyes, it isn’t anymore, and in fact, the skin around my eyes, and also the rest of my face, looks better than it did before I got the eczema, so I’m going to continue using the cream – my make-up also seems to be lasting longer and looking better on my face, but I’m going to continue to not wear make-up on the skin around my eyes as I want to take care of that area better now.

It has all really made me realise how important it is to look after your skin – before I’d always thought it didn’t really matter, I didn’t seem to have sensitive skin and didn’t think too much about what I was putting on it. I’m also going to start eating a bit more healthily, because whilst I’m slim, I know I’m not getting enough nutrients and eat far too much sugar... I’ve also ordered some omega 3 supplements called ‘Ideal Omega 3’ which are really high in the key active ingredients, from a trusted specialist (someone said omega 3 helped with their eczema but apparently it’s generally good for hair, skin, eyesight and sleep, too among other things, so hopefully, as well as remaining eczema free, I might be ‘glowing’ soon as well!).

I really feel for those suffering with eczema – my brief encounter was incredibly unpleasant to say the least, but thankfully I managed to nip it in the bud before it got out of hand or spread to other areas. I hope others manage to find relief somehow.

Re: Under eye wrinkles due to eczema

Postby Nixee » Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:14 pm

Its really good to know you I am not alone, wow some of you have suffered eczema around the eyes for years, it has been 9 weeks for me and it is a nightmare! On top of that I had cellulitis for a week where my eyes swelled, I could hardly open my left eye. I need to know how you get your confidence back cos I am going around with my head down and avoiding eye contact as much as possible...to be honest am only going out when I have to now.....as I am so sick of all the stares like I am an alien or something!

I think I will give the salt water thing a try, and get more info on neem oil. This started as eczema on one eyelid and doc gave me steroid cream now it has spread around my eye and to the other eye too!

Someone told me to keep the products you use in the fridge as this can have a calming affect so I am trying that.

Wishing everyone who suffers with this soul destroying condition a healthy recovery and SOON!


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