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Thinking about Pregnancy

Thinking about Pregnancy

Postby Hannah » Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:53 pm

Hello everyone, I have severe eczema and started methorexate yesterday. Can't say I'm over the moon about it but hey, at least I haven't run out of all options yet.

I just wandered how people with severe eczema plan getting pregnant because if you are on strong medication e.g. cyclosporine/aza/metho you need to clear your system for 6 months before even trying. How do you cope in that six month period and how do you cope during your pregnancy? I don't last 2 days without some form of medication to control my symptoms.

I am 27 and want to think about having a family in the next couple of years so your experiences would really help me understand the practicalities of things.

Thanks xxx

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