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I think I found the cure!

I think I found the cure!

Postby cc » Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:17 pm

Hi Everyone,
I recently have been having rectal itching and my doc diagnosed it as eczema. Alot of the creams aren't working, so I went to my naturopathic doctor. He believes it treating the patient from the inside out and not just masking the problem with medicine. He wants to find out why you develop eczema in the first place. Well, I saw him today and he said alot of medical doctors diagnose this problem incorrectly. It is actually a yeast problem first with eczema being the secondary problem. If there is an overload of yeast in your digestive tract it has to come out somewhere. It really all makes sense. Think about it, if eczema is dry skin, how could it live in a moist, dark place. Yeast however, thrives in those conditions. Do some investigating yourself on-line. Google "Yeast in the digestive tract" and you will be suprised at the info on it. You can also find books at the bookstore about it. An overgrowth of yeast caused alot of other problems also. Find a good naturopathic in your area and just get in checked out it can't hurt. He gave me pills to kill the candida in my system and acidophillus to get good bacteria into my gut. He also told me to get Lamisil, over the counter for topical use of the itchy area. IT worked, try the lamisil because if it helps it is yeast because lamisil is an anti-fungal. Hope this helps

Re: I think I found the cure!

Postby Peter » Sat Aug 30, 2008 8:48 am

CC, I can understand your excitement. For at least three years, I have tried to bring to everybody’s attention that yeast can be the cause of some eczemas. Whilst it may be yeast from the gut that is the source, there is yeast constantly in the atmosphere: you can brew beer or make dough rise without adding yeast by just leaving it exposed for a while.

It make help by trying to eliminate yeast from your diet , but just as a start you would need to forego bread and beer, and I imagine there are many other things. My eczema affects parts of my body, which would normally be covered by clothes; mainly my shins/ankles and chest. I am sure that Lamisil will clear up outbreaks when they occur, but I feel it is better to deprive the yeast of the conditions to thrive in. Doctors often suggest to patients suffering from Candida (thrush) not to wear tights or trousers and preferably no knickers, so it does not seem to be farfetched to apply it all over. It seems to recognised that going around nude and building up Vitamin D, by gentle sun bathing is beneficial for psoriasis sufferers, it does not seem to have been to have been considered for eczema- I know it works!

I posted on this subject in May 2005 under “Eczema & the Body”-“Seborrhoeic Eczema”-“Can clothes be a contributory factor?”. Peter

Re: I think I found the cure!

Postby Xiariita » Sun Apr 22, 2012 8:40 pm

Rating This book and it's companion cooobkok literally saved my life, after years of getting no help ~ or getting sicker ~ from the established medical profession. I changed my diet and in three days the pain disappeared, and a week later I tossed away my cane and bounded up the stairs. I couldn't believe it, it was a miracle. I still can't believe it; all because of changing the foods I ate. Now, years later, when I go off the no-sugar, no yeast diet, the pain and stiffness and depression returns and I have to stop and think ahhh, I've been eating sugar = candida yeast infection! So back I go and all is well. This change in eating habits has saved untold thousands of people like me from suffering and pain and given us our lives back. Why don't doctors tell us? I will never understand this.How did I hear about this book the problem of candida yeast infection? Three friends, from different parts of the country, told me about it, and I visited a nutritionist who backed up everything Dr. Crook says in the book. Et Voila! I was cured. It is very hard at times not to feel great bitterness towards the regular doctors who wasted my time and money, and left me suffering for so many years, yet who have little or no training in basic nutrition.It is not this way in Europe; here they seem to know only how to prescribe surgery or useless medications, some of which made me sicker, but I have to continue to remind myself that this is the training of the AMA. I hope things change, and soon.In the meantime, a note of importance: I developed the initial candida yeast infection was drinking 100% pure fruit juice. I drank it all day or night long, for three years, sitting in front of my computer working. I was a computer programmer at the time. Turns out any bottled fruit juice turns into fructose sugar during processing, and I was making myself sick by believing that the 100% pure juice was healthy for me. How wrong that was. That's how I got sick. After going on the anti-candida yeast diet for a few months (during which I lost 40 lbs as well! The fat just melted off me), all was well. Then I started drinking cartons of orange juice purchased from the grocery store. Joint pain, exhaustion and suffering again! I was told by a woman shopping alongside of me that processed orange juice was causing my returning joint pain, and she was right. She knew because she had been through the same thing. She was an angel from above! Now I only drink juice that is fresh squeezed, and stick to the rest of the diet, and I have no more problems whatsoever. (I have problems only when I go off).I have recommended this book to many, many people and all have received a great deal of relief. If only I had been told about it sooner, it would have saved me three years of exhaustion, pain, suffering immobility. It even hurt to breath some days, and doctors did not help at all. I tried everything. The diet is simple: no sugar, no dairy, no yeast, no wheat, only organic foods and water to drink. It's not easy at first, but mayonnaise, eggs and chicken are allowed, spices, curries, rice syrup (really sweet), fresh corn tacos or chips take the place of many kinds of foods. Health food stores have lots of gluten and dairy free foods, so you will shop there to your heart's content. Plus I had immediate results within three to seven days. This diet was like putting Miracle Grow on roses with yellowed blackened leaves half dead from lack of proper nutrients, and seeing green and healthy results, literally overnight! I still can hardly believe it. After four months, people said it was as if I was twenty years younger, and they were right!Thank you, Dr. Crook! You have saved my life. I recommend this book and it's change in diet with acupressure massage, and a bit of prayer and meditation. With Grace on our side, all will be well.

Re: I think I found the cure!

Postby Ate » Tue Jun 05, 2012 3:47 pm

theres mny symptoms, heres some:-yellow/cream thick dicahsrge-smells weird or not a normal smell-burns and/or itchesyou are best to go to the doctors and if its a yeast infection it should be still taken care off.dont be afraid to go to the doctor it may be uncomfortable but it may be worth it incase its sumin else.gd luck n take care xxx

Re: I think I found the cure!

Postby eczemafreeworld » Fri Jun 09, 2017 3:02 pm

Hi Everyone, It is great to read the information and other people thoughts on the cures for eczema, but i find it a little difficult to read them because I can see how the subconscious programing from the doctors penetrated into the minds of people.

Same like you I have suffered eczema for quite a while and for some time not even realizing how harmful can be the medicine that I have been applying on my skin, and that it affected the internal organs in my body and instead of helping my skin just simply harmed entire body immune system.

I have healed eczema myself and successfully control it eating everything I want and enjoying full body life throughout. I have even written the book on how to actually get rid of it.

The first thought that everybody should have in terms of healing eczema is just to put your entire body and the systems into complete and sound health, rather than think on how to actually heal that surface — the skin. Think of how everyone can do it and what is that sound and good helath. do the research and make it happen and then share it with other in this forum. I know that eczema can be healed in as little as 3 to 5 days because I have done it many many times.

I will share one tip here:
1. Take 3 kg of good quality salt, either rock or sea salt and soak for thirty minutes in this salt saturated warm water to give your body necessary minerals and at the same time purify your body and your skin through the open pores.
2. Find the ways to circulate the energy and blood intencively throughout the body, thus allowing your body to heal.
3. Make sure you have a plentiful intake of zinc, calcium magnesium and vitamin D as a supplement, drench yourself with it.
4 make sure your gut health is healthy.

more tips you can find on my facebook page eczema free world if this post will see the publicity at all and will not be killed by the admins.
best of luck
my vision is Eczema free world
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