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Eczema on my face, what kind is it?

Eczema on my face, what kind is it?

Postby CantThinkOfAUsername » Sat Nov 23, 2013 10:47 pm

When I was 13, I had OCD so I constantly washed my hands, this led to dry skin which then went red, for some reason I also have this on my face, the skin is flaky, dry red and a little raised, its on my eyelids, cheeks, forehead and it looks like its spreading down my neck, my doctor prescribed my nizoral and if that doesnt work we're going to see a dermatologist, over the past two years ive used fuciden, fucibet and eumovate on my face which only worked temporarily. My face wasnt too bad until about a week ago when it all started to go red, im not sure whats causing it, I think the central heating dries it out so I have my window open which soothes it but doesnt get rid of the redness, I had a shower which made my skin feel alot better but then it gets dry afterwards. I thought it could be down to puberty but im not sure. It's really frustrating me and I'm worried it will never go away. Is it actually eczema as it seems to be spreading, it started only on my cheeks but now its spreading down my neck?
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