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More about varicose eczema

Re: More about varicose eczema

Postby Nisha » Sun Apr 22, 2012 5:44 pm

I respectfully have to dsaigree about the location of the TBT being a problem; I think the location is excellent. It allows trains to eventually cross The Bay to Oakland or Alameda; it is adjacent to downtown; it is close to the ferry building, and Muni Metro; it is where AC, Golden Gate, SamTrans, Greyhound, Amtrak and Muni buses stop; and it will be the of a major TOD. That TOD is also helping to pay for the terminal: it is city owned land that once used for ramps that connected the TBT to the Bay Bridge. Those ramps where damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta and are being scaled back for the new terminal. A Civic Center terminal does not have these benefits, nor is there space to build a Civic Center terminal. It may be that the DTX would benefit from removing some of the kinks to cut travel times and improve operational flexibility. However, if trains are able to make it through the tunnel, even at slow speeds, the DTX is SUFFICIENT IF A NEW TRANSBAY TUBE IS BUILT. A new TB tube would decrease train layovers at the TBT to fewer than ten minutes, including the time it takes for a new train to occupy the exiting trains spot. In this case, each platform could handle six trains per hour. Four platforms for HSR would easily allow for 12 trains per hour in each direction, the capacity required for HSR.I do agree with you that not having and Muni Metro in the Terminal is a problem. I’m also concerned about the Ferry Building and lack of bike automobile accessibility. An underground connector would help.( I’ve also seen an underground shopping mall/transit center in Zurich). Still, moving the station to Mission Street is not the solution. Perhaps something can be constructed there or under Howard Street, and contingencies for those plans should be built into the design, but as it stand, a six track through station can handle a lot of trains, but it needs to be a through station. A terminus will work for a decade or so, but we need to thinking about that tube.Besides, how is everyone around the Bay going to be able to get to this terminal if the bridge and the tube are already congested at peak hours?

Re: More about varicose eczema

Postby Roro » Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:18 am

They are not the same, and even both are supposed to help with swlnielg problems, how they help is very different..Diabetic socks are nonbinding, soft, and supposed to be without seams (which can irritate the feet and cause/worsen sores in diabetics who have nueropathy/poor circulation/poor glucose control) or, at least, specialy designs seams. Many diabetics also have edema in the feet and legs, so regular socks tend to pinch terribly around the cuff top. Good diabetic socks should also allow the feet to breathe (prevent moisture from leading to funus/bacteria problems).Support socks are used to prevent swlnielg in people who have poor circulation (elderly, heart patients, diabetics) BUT you should always check with your doctor first. They push the edemic liquids back into the blood/lympth system and can cause increased difficulties with the heart/lung/kidneys in some patients. They can aggrivate/result in sores as well (the last thing a diabetic needs). They can be a little difficult to put on, and your skin SCREAMS when you take them off (trust me on that). If you use them, always get the lowest level of compression that you need.Anastaci they are expensive because they are made of special design and materials, and they last quite a while is washed/worn properly. They really are different from regular socks. Diabetics often have foot problems, including edema. Regular socks hurt (they aren't as soft, stretchy, and thick as people think, can cause overdrying of the skin, and wear out fairly fast). I love my diabetic socks and I've addicted my whole family to them. Support socks are even more specialized and made of expensive materials (but they also last for years if you take care of them properly I have some that are over 10 years old, which I still wear on occassion, like when flying across the country they can help prevent embolisms, which can be a problem in many airline passengers). Don't assume everything is a rip-off lots of things are well worth the money if you need them.

Re: More about varicose eczema

Postby Lamiae » Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:46 am

Aug15 Thank you Patrick! When I think of treatments from my grtnamodher, I think of being pink spotted from the calamine lotion she put on me. She had 5 outdoor/indoor cats which frequently brought home fleas and fleas thought me to be juicy, apparently!Kevin, Thayers has a bottle of witch hazel with tannis, . GNCs also carry it, and you can look up other stores that might have it in your area on .


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