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Please help me.

Please help me.

Postby Lily-Rose » Fri Dec 21, 2012 9:26 pm


I have had ezcema all my life..I am currently 17 years old.
It has been all over my body, scalp, face, torso, legs and hands..complete torture.
Recently, I have become increasing worried about the ezcema on my right nipple..it is sore, cracking, flaking, slight blood, oozing, itchy, painful and it just looks deformed.. I have never had this on my left nipple.
I have tried everything to help it, I had been refered to a dermatology outpatients clinic for UV Light Therapy, which pretty much cleared my ezcema..all except the one on my nipple. I've tried creams, cabbage, change of diet, bras ..everything and it doesnt work.
It is possibly the most PAINFUL thing I have ever experienced.. detaching my nipple from my bra and I'm not sure I can cope with it any longer.
I have had this problem for a few years now, however I just ignored it, because It always occured the worst around my period, i just presumed that was normal?
Could It be Pagets Disease? :(
Please help, any advice is welcomed.

Thank you, Lily-Rose
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Re: Please help me.

Postby emma » Sun Dec 23, 2012 7:18 pm


Apologies if any of these questions make you want to scream "Yes I've bloody tried them all!!!", but.......

What is the strongest topical steroid you have tried, how many times a day, and for how long?
What moisturiser are you using, and also how many times a day?
Same for bath oil, soap substitute etc

Emma x
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Hope to hear your situation get better

Postby Quasigirl » Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:08 pm

Hi Lily-Rose,

I read your post a while ago, but I’m still sorta new to forums & posting so I wasn’t sure I could seriously be of any help to anyone. I’m also a bit of an “oldie”, 10 years older than you. But the second I read your post, it really upset me. I really felt your despair, in fact I read your message a few times before I decided to reply right now.

I’m sorry to say that I don’t have much to say to you that’s going to be of much value. But I do feel your pain, I really do. I usually only have dry, scaly, flaky patches, but I had a similar problem as yours when I was 22. I really wasn’t taking care of myself so I can’t even recall what made it go away. I didn’t quite have much oozing, but my skin did flake, scab & sometimes be open/raw. The thing about the detaching, I know the pain, truuuuust me. What I used to do was put a thin piece of cloth in my bra & replace it very often so that it wouldn’t get too stuck. ( not sure if it makes sense or applies to you). It was a pain in the a$s to have to change it so many times a day, but it wasn’t so painful to remove at the end of the day. I’m not sure we had the same thing but I used to interfere with it & make it worse. Eventually I had less of a problem when I didn’t allow my bra to get too stuck & I didn’t interfere & gave it time to heal. Not gonna lie though, it took a few months.

By the way, I’m sorry I didn’t reach out to you sooner. Clearly you’re braver than I am, so be proud of yourself for that. I can somehow already tell you’re a better-adjusted teenager that I was. Oh & try talking to Emma too, she’ll be loads more helpful.

All the best. Hope it clears over time. Until then, you’re in my thoughts & prayers.
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Re: Please help me.

Postby Mumofone » Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:05 am

Hi there,

I have been suffering eczema since I was 7 yrs now in early thirties and breastfeeding perfectly until my nipple eczema appeared after 4mths of my baby being born. I thought I would like to offer suggestions given I have tried most things to remedy my eczema all my life ( hands, feet, face, legs, back, bum, ...now nipples !!!!). GPs never give you much help its trial and error with creams they say etc etc but i was lucky to stumble on the only steroid cream that works wonders for me...that said I do try to limit usage as it can cause sun sensitivity and thinning of the skin.. Which can make rashes down the track heal slower...

What I have just tried that has worked on my nipples since lansinoh just made it continue weeping, plus I think I'm allergic to that are the following;

1. GO TO THE BEACH - consistently going to the beach has stopped my nipples from oozing, weeping . It was sticking to my clothes. So I go to the beach in a tankini and wear them wet top home . Keeps skin hydrated from wet top and soaks it in saline solution.

2. SALINE SOLUTION OR SALT WATER. Using cooking salt to water dab cotton balls in and gently wipe nipple to decrease bacteria and enhance healing.

3. AIRING THE NIPPLE. Eczema derives from Greek word boiling skin, so need to dry and cool down the aggravated weeping and oozing nipple. I had to do this for so far 3-4 days especially easier at night to take your top off and lie in bed so your shirt doesn't graze nipples further. Airing the nipple reduces dampness that bacteria thrive in hot humid conditions.that slow down natural healing process.

4.steroid cream... I use DIPROSONE !!!!. A book I googled called" Breast feeding and human lactation " describes case studies of different women with skin conditions on nipples, while breast feeding related, it is fantastic at helping you identify ways to reduce nipple eczema etc. this book identifies use of diprosone, I wish I didn't need to use it but I am so in pain with nipples sticking to my clothes that I will use anything to speed up recovery at this stage...and it's working. Apply to reduce inflammation

5. ICE PACK OR COLD TOWELS - I just learnt this from midwives and a dermatologist to make skin wet allows for quicker absorption of steroid creams or moisturisers. To rehydrate the skin, which is required for it to heal without crusting and being broken again....I wet small wash clothes and place in freezer, important to wring out as much water as possible as we don't want to drench skin to stop drying it out to heal... Then when frozen place gently on nipple area to cool down inflammation and sped up skin healing with creams.
6. If you can get 15 mins of sun on it..... Kills bacteria etc

7. Wear cotton clothes ...not polyester! As need to let skin breathe

Use other natural remedies such as cucumber, but by doing the above important to use sorbelene or other moisturiser as warm on skin also can dry it out!!!

My lesson I learned was too not apply too many thngs at once and too many times to allow skin time to heal...eg every 3 hrs

Ps. Interestingly for me, after years of using only chemist sorbelene a, that never hydrated my skin....CLINQUE products that are hypoallergenic has worked for m e...the body butters and facial creams that are thicker and give better protection to my skin.

No I am not selling any of the brands, but I feel I need to share these products with everyone as no one GP or dermatogist have been able to assist us suffers as to our options of skin care products...ie we don't need to use chemist only brands... that we need to try to see what works best to our unique skin condition.
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Re: Please help me.

Postby Mumofone » Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:15 am

1. Use saline solution or better go to the beach and soak in sea water to treat nipples
2. Air dry nipples, take off at home ...
3. Steroid cream, hate to use but if dire .... I use DIPROSONE... A godsend
4. Cool down skin with small wet towels that are wrung dry and placed in freezer for cooling down skin inflammation or use cold pack... These help skin absorb cortisones cream and moisturise
5. If you get sun on nipples.

HOT, DAMP, HUMID conditions make eczema worse, wear breathable cotton materials only ...hope this helps.

I had a longer reply but the website made me unsure if itsubmitted...so this is a very to the point reply that I hope helps you:)
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Re: Please help me.

Postby Mumofone » Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:51 pm

Hi lily rose any luck?

An update on me, usually all the above works but in the end because I am breastfeeding and my eczema occurred when I wore polyester tops in hottest day ever, my nipples ...i should say areola area only ....kept weeping and getting worse.

So what has finally healed them just now are beach, salt water cleaning after baby feeds or as soon as I get home and clothes stick to the nipples and changing your tops frequently.

At night when my baby sleeps I wash my nipples with saline solution gently with cotton balls, then dry it with cotton balls.

Then I apply thrush/ anti fungal ointment I bought over the counter at the chemist called daktarin and my steroid cream diprosone and band aids over every weeping section of my areole. I overlap band aids to ensure more of the cotton section f the band aids cover the affected area rather than the sticky tape (which would pull off the skin) .

Important to leave band aids on over night to reduce grazing from your t shirt or top.

Next morning my areole has healed. Now I only am doing this at nights cause I can wipe off or clean my nipple in the morning with a shower ( don't scrub or rub nipples on shower. And try not to get too much hot water on them). During day I can breast feed and clean nipples after a feed with saline solution.

Also I am taking Panadol, to reduce remove signs of small sharp pains I had in the nipple too.

Love to hear an update and hope my post posts can help others through this awful condition.
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Re: Please help me.

Postby Lily-Rose » Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:21 pm

Thank you to everyone who commented on my post and replied to my plea.

After reading all your replies, you all gave me hope that a solution could be found and my gosh did I find one.

I have changed all my clothing to cotton, used Aveeno- as I found this works best to mosturise my skin- and placed a thin cotton piece of material into my bra to minimise the sticking :) They all worked to control the ezcema however not the problem itself. I was referred to the hospital and tested for Paget's disease (which thankfully I didnt have :D) and sent back to the doctor who tried a different avenue and diagnosed me with a suspected infection instead. I was given Fluxocillin (which is an awful penicillin :cry: ) for two weeks to kill the infection, whilst also applying grease cream (sorry, can't remember the name)

Two weeks passed, and my nipple ezcema hasnt returned :D

Speak to your doctor about the possibility of an infection, it 'cured' me.
Now, just my hands and scalp left to clear :? haha.

Again, Thank you for all your advice and kind words and my prayers are with you all in the hope that your ezcema will clear up too.

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Re: Please help me.

Postby Mumofone » Tue Mar 26, 2013 4:45 pm

Lily rose

I was also given same antibiotics, to kill the strep. Aureus bacteria and given an ointment for my nipples in the end that has stopped all that awful awful weeping!

Message to all, go see the doctor, trying to remedy at home prolongs recovery and your own pain and depression.

Regarding scalp, I use Diprosone lotion using doctors prescription, cleared my scalp from flaking and weeping.

My hands I use diprosone too ...can't tell I have eczema too.

Unfortunately all my previous self remedies did not last to recover my skin so I went to the doctors and told them I've tried everything. And that I think I have a staph infection......

Now I'm 100% better.
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