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Losing Fingernails

Losing Fingernails

Postby David Birks » Mon Nov 27, 2000 5:51 pm

I do not know if anyone can help with this - but here goes. I visited my mother last week and she has just lost her 5th fingernail and is in great distress and a lot of pain. She saw her doctor 2 years ago who did very little for her. He passed her onto a specialist who dianosed Paronchia and gave her Dermol lotion to rub on her finger tips. This is helping somewhat but she is still losing her nails and in great pain. I would be really grateful for any ideas or guidance
David Birks

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby moderator » Wed Nov 29, 2000 3:00 pm

David - I will be receiving some information on this in the next day or so. Once I have it I will post some details on for you to have a look at. Sounds really distressing. Best of luck to your mum.

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby moderator » Sun Dec 24, 2000 3:06 pm

I have got the information sheet from the NES but it does not mention the condition. I'll write to you.

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby Charles » Wed Jun 27, 2001 5:36 am

I am also suffering from a fingernail that is growing in deformed. I haven't lost any, but these mesages have somewhat alarmed me. I have eczema on my fingers, and the finger that is the worst is the one with the deforemed fingernail, so I assume the two are linked. What can be done to prevent further problems with my fingernail?

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby VIc » Thu Aug 16, 2001 6:52 pm

hello there. Im a cabinetmaker and about three weeks ago I smashed my left index finger tip with a hammer. The tip of the nail is still connected to the skin beneath while the part of the nail that got hit directly looks dead and is not connected to the skin below. There appears to be a new nail growing. Should I just let the new nail grow out or should I go see a specialist?

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby Anonymous » Sun Dec 09, 2001 1:30 pm

Perhaps someone could help ..... My 11 month old baby has just lost a fingernail. I thought it was as a result of trapping her finger in a drawer a while ago. However she now looks as though 3 other fingernails and 5 toenails are going to be lost as well. If anyone knows of this happening before I would be very grateful for any advice.

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby Holly » Sun Dec 30, 2001 11:30 am

I have lost one fingernail on each hand. The fingernail on my left hand I lost years ago, and it continues to grow in deformed, and then not grow, in fits and spurts. The one on my right hand, I only just lost.

In addition, I recognized the "danger signs" of places where I might stand to lose another nail, so I made an appointment with a dermatologist/specialist. (My HMO couldn't see me for two months, of course!)

Now, I suffer from ~severe~ eczema, brought about by stress. I cannot emphasize the severity of it enough. I have had great success in controlling the breakouts with the over-the-counter product, "Exorex." (Coal Tar.) I assumed that the losing fingernails had something to do with the eczema. But I learned something very surprising at my dermatologist appointment.

Apparrently, there are TWO different problems going on here. One is eczema, and the other is...oh, I wish I could remember the technical, medical name for it...that's one of the reasons why I came here in the first place...but it means, "a tendency to lose fingernails and toenails."

Here's how it works, at least for me: The cuticle of the nail is the part that keeps the bad stuff out. (Water is bad, because it can cause fungus. Bacteria is bad, because it can cause infection.) So, as long as the cuticle connects the skin to the nail, the nail and the area behind it and under it are "safe and protected."

But ~something~ happens...with me, it's that the eczema eats away at the cuticle until it isn't there anymore, but it could be too much exposure to moisture, too many manicures, allergies, many causes...and the cuticle gets destroyed. Now, what we have is a passageway for everything to get trapped between the skin and the nail.

An infection or fungus develops there, and continues to destroy the nail as it grows, sometimes causing the nail to grow out "deformed" as the infection grows or lessens in strength.

I was given the topical antibiotic Thymol in ethyl alcohol, and the doc told me that with the nails missing, the topical should probably be able to reach the infections, because everything was so open. That has not, however, been the case.

My infections are SO deep seated that even attempting to create "passageways" to them by poking the area with a pin before applying the topical is not allowing the medicine to reach the infection.

After much discussion, it would seem that my only options are a course or two of internal antibiotics (which I did before, two courses, and it almost cured it but not quite,) or else, perhaps an injection of an antibiotic directly into the areas where the infection is, under some kind of local anesthetic.

Does ~anyone~ here know ~anything~ about this? It is very painful, and also somewhat frightening to go through, if you aren't sure what's going on.

Please feel free to email me with your thoughts.

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby sarah » Tue Oct 08, 2002 12:39 pm

I was totally shocked to read these messages because the symptoms described are exactly as I have been experiencing for years now, and i have not heard of anyone with the same condition. Where initially I only experienced the deformed growth of one nail ( as the cuticle was destroyed!) now others seem to be doing the same and i have almost lost the little nail. I suspect this is seperate to the eczema because the steroid lotion treats this but not the nail. When I first approached a GP about this I was told that I was being 'vain' and should leave it to grow out. Being a lot younger I did so, but now I can see this is spreading rather than growing out, and I do not wish to loose all my nails
( vain or not). I too would be exremely grateful of any advise of treatments for this condition.

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby Nita » Wed Oct 09, 2002 8:37 am

Hi Sarah,

My daughter Kavita has eczema and she had problems with her nails too, similar to what you describe. I took her to my GP thinking it was eczema and he said she was suffering from fungus infection(I think) he also said it can spread from one nail to another. anyway he prescribed a cream called Daktarin Cream 2%. This has done the trick, it does take a long time,because the new nail takes awhile to grow, do perservere.

In my opinion you are not vain, you are just taking care of yourself. Don't let the Doctor get you down just go and get what you need.

I hope this helps.


Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby Dave » Sun Feb 02, 2003 11:37 pm

i had one problem with my nail on the middle finger on my right hand, this nail was not smooth at all, bumps and pits, it starts with small cracks in the skin just ahead of the nail on the finger, i went to my dermatologist and he gave me celestoderm 0.1%, this cream is clear in color. It worked and eventually cleared up, the cream is the same cream i use on a reg basis but stronger, my reg cream is celestoderm 0.05% and is white in color. i thought i would loose the nail but that wasnt the case


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