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Losing Fingernails

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby noloser » Thu Mar 18, 2004 2:17 am

Hi this is Belinda,
I'm 11 And I got excema everywhere and I all ready got a cream that does not work. What do I do?

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby freelanddd » Thu Apr 22, 2004 1:46 am

Yes can you get Eczema from somone else? I have this bad rash and they said it is not Eczema but in the same group so can i give this to someone else Thanks


Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby Michelle » Wed Dec 01, 2004 11:38 pm

Hi I'm new on here.
This time last year, I suddenly developed blistering, itchy painful
fingers, the doctor told me it must be a product I am using, I have
tried to eliminate things one by one, but no success.
I went back to the doctor and she told me I would need to have a
patch test at the hospital, I'm due to have this at the end of
November - a ridiculous wait of over 12 months.
After trying to sift through all the sites and information on the
internet, I believe that I am suffering from Dyshidrosis, but I can't
be sure of course.
My hands are unbelievably painful, itchy, weeping and bleeding. I do
admit to being a bit of a picker when they are dry, and to relentless
rubbing or scratching when they are itchy.
The problem at first was just my fingers, sides and particularly the
tops, a couple of fingernails started to get distorted, by June this
year, all my fingernails had come off!
I went on holiday in August, my hands cleared completely (with the
nails starting to grow back ok), the first time ever since the
disease started, could it be the sun maybe, or the sea water? My gut
feeling is that it was the lack of stress, but I'm guessing.
Anyway, midway through September the tell tale bubbles started to
appear again, and now my hands are worse than ever, it's spread to my
palms, and the bubbling on my fingers is so advanced that my fingers
are large and out of shape, more so on my right hand than my left.
I can't wear gloves of any kind, they are too painful to put on, and
when I do get them on I'm in agony, my fingers weep and bleed so much
that they stick to the cotton which means that I can't get them off
I am now finding it increasingly hard to write, typing is becoming
more uncomfortable too, I have to do it really softly and my
fingertips still bleed. It's really affecting my life and that of my
family now, they all have to do so much for me. I struggle just to
get something out of my handbag, I keep bumping my fingers.
I have tried various creams but nothing seems to work, my doctor
admitted to me that whatever she prescribes probably won't work as
the disease is so advanced. Only going on holiday worked.
I would like some feedback from any of you, does anyone else have
similar problems with the fingernails? Do you think my problem is not
I'm not meaning to write a sob story, I'm sure everybody is suffering
just as much as I am, I'd just appreciate some advice.

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby DaveZad » Tue Apr 12, 2005 7:34 am

Hi, just wanted to add something helpful for people who are having problems with their fingernails due to eczema. A few months ago I got a blister on the middle finger of my right hand - just like the other Dave on this thread has described - which left behind a huge indentation on the nail that was also very thin and painful to the touch. However, I did find something that really makes dealing with this problem much easier. There's a substance called Hydroxyquinoline, marketed under the name "New Skin," that is intended for use on minor skin cuts. It dries within minutes, forming a hard shell that protects the cut and helps in healing. But it also does wonders on the thin, damaged portion of my fingernail. For the first time in months I don't have to worry about brushing up against objects because the New Skin coating is as hard as my healthy fingernail was. You can find information about this stuff on www.newskinproducts.com. Hope this helps out!

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby Georgie H » Wed Sep 21, 2005 3:55 pm

Im Georgie and I'm 15. I have suffered from excema all my life and get it really bad on my hands. I was so suprised that other people have exactly the same excema as me-I thought it was passed down from the family as my sister has it terribly on all over her hands.
Iv'e found that dermovate and eumovate are helpful and now my cuticals are finally growing back. I really hope they get all better but do anyones hands seem to go through blistery times and then dry times??
Iv'e even been to a specialist but he was no use at all-he didn't even give me a cream. He did say UV light could help though but I havn't tried that yet. So i'll keep you updated!
Just remember not to let it get you down because there are always others worse off than you and excema can get better. Just put your cream on all the time and keep away from perfumed soaps and shampoos. You may of tried this but it's always good to try new stratagies.
I hope everyones hands get better (that includes mine too) Good Luck everyone.
Georgie H

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby jodie » Tue Oct 11, 2005 10:08 pm

im new on this sight and hav had eczma for years, does any1 els hav really flakey fingernails? the tips feel and rip as though they were silk! i am getting rather worried!!! pleassssee help!!!!

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby K » Sat Sep 16, 2006 4:30 am

I have eczema & I agree that it's pretty painful.The itching is awful as well as questions from people.But in a way, I feel sort of proud.Eczema makes me even more different than others, therefore, I stand out more.Also by knowing more about my condition, I can inform others about it.It also helps when I see someone who has a different kind of skin problem cuz I don't look at them strangely but with sympathy because I know how they feel.

Now, I would like to help others dealing with eczema but I'm not sure how.Of course I can answer questions but I would like to do more.If anyone has an idea or even a question, please ask me by reaching me on MYSPACE.My friend ID is 19358163.

Much love,

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby AD » Fri Dec 22, 2006 2:16 pm


I am 23 years old and suffer from eczema around my fingers. I use a combination of Aqueos Cream and Betnovate to moisturise and treat flare ups. My doctor has told me that because my skin is affected with eczema my nails would grow out bumpy, and to prevent this i was to use the steriod cream to mend the nail plate, just underneath my nail.

Anyone else been told this by their uninterested doctor?


Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby gazie » Tue Jul 17, 2007 11:35 am

I suffered severally from eczema as a child (aged 3 to 6) all over my body but particularly behind knee elbow and figure joints of course. I was treated over several years with steroid based creams, oat and oil baths, and of course white cotton mittens tied to my hands to stop me scratching, and eventfully it cleared up nicely�

However now at the age of 24 my eczema in the form of Dyshidrosis (I think) has come back, but only on the palm of my right hand... I believe the cause is the amount of time I spend using a computer mouse in my new job has the flare up is in the same area where my palm rests/rubs on the mouse.

I initially treated this irritation not first identifying it as eczema with �E45 Itch Relief Cream�, this resulted in disaster, my hand flared up, crusty and red� Visiting my Dr then she told me that the E45 cream is just a moisturiser and contains lanolin which is extracted from sheep's wool fat so would only work to irritate the eczema.

She prescribed me �Betnovate RV�, which contains the steroid Betamethasone (0.25%), I apply the stuff to my palm � times a day for a month. This cleared things up nicely, to the point I couldn�t even see any sign of the little bubbles caused by the Dyshidrosis. A irritation free month passes but then the bubbles come back, so I start applying the �Betnovate RV� again, this time though it is less effective.

So I did some research and have now started using GSK�s �Eumovate� which contains the steroid Clobetasone butyrate (0.05%). While weaker this seems to be having better effects than the �Betnovate RV�, but because its made by GSK it�s a lot more expensive.

I now worry that I�m going to have to continue using some sort of steroid based cream in order to keep the Dyshidrosis under control as they can be dangerous long-term due to the skin-thinning side-effects, which are particularly troublesome in the with Dyshidrosis, due to the amount of toxins and bacteria the hands typically come in contact with.

Has anyone else head of any other alternate treatments that can get rid of Dyshidrosis for good?

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby jojox » Mon Sep 24, 2007 8:08 am

Just another possible idea for any of you out there with nails that flake & split. I read with interest about DaveZad (earlier in the thread)using "NewSkin" the spray-on plaster on nails. I decided to guinea-pig myself as i had nothing to lose except my nails (and they split,break,flake or fall of for a past time anyway!)
I could not get NewSkin in the UK so i had to try several other similar things to see if they worked.

Elastoplast spray plaster - quite good for stopping the flakyness but does not stop splitting or falling off. Also beware the fact that it has ethyl alcohol, acetate & menthol which for the really sensitive may cause a nasty reaction.

Cavilon no-sting barrier film spray - great for staving off the flaking & splitting, nails don't seem to fall off with such regularity. Super for not aggrivating the really sensitive skin on my hands as there is no alcohol or acetate in it. the only problem is that it's a bit too sticky & your fingers end up as fluff magnets!

Compeed liquid bandage - The Best!!! I'm still using it now. It's No alcohol, No acetate, Non sticky. AND it has an extra bonus of being Antiseptic, Disinfectant & Fungistat. AND not only all that but i think my nails are so much better, it feels like it has allowed strong & healthy growth! No flakes now, only the occasional split, Best of all no nails have dropped off since i have made a real effort to keep my nails covered in the stuff.(about a year) I think that amongst other things,it keeps the million everyday chemicals from the cuticle.

All you do the first time is....After a shower or bath,apply it to one nail at a time then. straight away use a cotton bud to wipe off excess from the skin around the tip(so it looks like a coat of clear nailvarnish) It sloughs of naturally (just like skin) so just re-apply as necessary every 2-3 days

If this helps just one other person i'd be chuffed to bits, so do tell if it works for you.
Good Luck


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