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Losing Fingernails

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby Joe » Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:52 am

I suffered from excema for 5 years. Tried everything medically possible from the derm doctor. Nothing worked permanently-until.
I always speculated that it could be from nerves or stress but I said no way. My doctor prescribed me Valium for another condition and miraculosy my Dyshdrosis Excema went away. Whenever I feel a flair up I take a 5mg pill and presto it's gone. I've been taking it for 8 months now and haven't had a flair up. Do yourself a favor if you suffer from this and stop taking all that cream that has side effects and try Valium.

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby maggie » Sun Nov 04, 2007 2:49 pm

Well I read all of the letters and I feel for them. I do not have these conditions .I wonder if they checked their stress level and their YEAST LEVEL.Not vaginal yeast (of course) just yeast level.Read up on internet .you will be surprised what that does to your body.Maybe a good clean out from inside,detox the body and it does clear a lot of problems .Good luck to you all

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby pamela317 » Fri May 16, 2008 3:11 pm

my daughter is 9, and so far has lost her 5th thumb nail. she has suffered from eczema since she was 3 months old. so far my gp hasnt offered any explanation, just says its part of her skin allergy has he likes to call it. pam

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby MC » Wed Jun 18, 2008 6:07 pm

Everyone should google "Shirley's wellness cafe eczema." Also, Dr. Don Colbert has a book called "The Bible Cure for Skin Conditions." This book includes alot of very good info and remedies from an MD who practices complete wellness. Eczema is related to food allergies in a lot of cases or leaky gut syndrome. Dysbiosis is usually present in all situations. Probiotics are awesome for this. Stress can make eczema flare up as well. A balanced rice protein fast can be very beneficial. Also google "fasting eczema." Some of these remedies may sound foreign to some of you, but they work. Cortisone will lose its effect and damage your body in the process. Cleansing and changing your diet is so worth it to not have eczema anymore.

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby cleetus » Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:37 pm

depending on the severity of your eczema, there are a few home remedies that seem to work. prbly not doctor recommended and can be quite painful. I figure anything that might help another is worth a shot so here goes. i believe i have dyshidrosis eczema. I m awaiting further tests. When i first noticed the little patches of clear bubbles they were pretty insignificant. im a pretty obsessive person that way I feel that if it doesnt have the right to be there cut them/it off . Sanitize your hands and fingers with alcohol. Take the back of a knife blade and firmly press down and use a sliding motion over the blisters. Once popped. Use alcohol again. Use a cheap dis razor and carefully cut away blister shells to expose little channels/chasms beneath the surface. wow here goes. do this to all affected areas of hands. pour alcohol on the open wounds
then take morton table salt and apply rub it in the effected areas. It is very painful but it has decreased the outbrake duration to about 2 times a year. when finished bandage with neosporin and good quality bandaids. Use alcohol and a steroid based cream with neo and bandaid reapplication every day. be a man or a woman. Stand and destroy some crap that doesnt have the right to reside on you in the first place. i hope it works for someone.

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby faith » Sat Oct 18, 2008 3:06 pm

I bought a herbal liquid for my finger exema and after 2 weeks the condition is very good. it is called tevaskin and arrived from israel. I found it on ebay.com. I bought it becasue the seller write that he will refund the money if it does not help, so I gave it a try.

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby Angel » Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:51 am

I have been told I have Dyshidrosis eczema, I see a natropath who has me on a yeast, dairy, wheat and gluten free diet. I wear cotton gloves as much as possible, at night I put colodial silver on my hands (if you are to use this make sure its good quality) and then zinc to heal them. I found this is helpful in healing the existing eczema that is there. I noticed if I get stressed then it comes out. I have the indents on my finger nails when a finger has been infected for a long time. I am eating Alkaline foods, and when I eat fruit I only eat it on an empty stomach and not with any other foods and before meals not after. This has helped however I havent resolved my eczema completely and right now Im looking for the cause of the problem as it only developed in the last year.

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby Twylight » Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:49 pm

My story is almost identical to Gazie's story below. I have also noticed a pattern in others comments; it seems to comonly affect the right hand, maybe because most people are right handed...Anway recently I noticed that one of my cuticles has completly disapered, and another finger is on its way to the same issue. I am just getting over having a severe breakout of the blistering eczema, on my right hand, which led to an infection on the tips of those two fingers, as well as the palm of my hand, thumb and the base of two fingers. I came to this site to see if others have had this cuticle problem, because I had never heard of this as a result of eczema, I really hope I don't lose my finger nail too...My hand is almost healed now from the use of an atibiotic followed by a strong steriod cream, but I am really trying to get away from the steroid. I've been seeing a naturopath who put me on a detox of some sort, which likely led to the worst case of eczema breakout I've every had, though I'm told when detoxing this can happen. However, the more research I do the more I am convinced that diet and stress are the big factors. My boyfriend has crohn's disease so I recently picked up a book in hopes of finding some answers for him, but in reading it I found it confirms other info I've been finding that relates disease to the health of our gut. I reccomend reading 'The Makers Diet' by Jordan Rubin, he is religious and that comes across but it is not too much for someone like myself who is not, he has some very sound logic when he talks of health in relation to what we eat, he has done alot of research as he was looking for ways to over come his crohns disease, he eventually cured himself through diet. Even if you don't grab his book from the library please do look into how the gut affects health, there is lots of info online. I hope greatly to be free of my eczema in the not too distant future by eating healthy nutricious food, reducing stress, and staying positive. Oh and taking probiotics, every source of information indicates that is important as well as taking fish oil or eating lots of fish, us with eczema need our fatty acids. I eat fish and take Udos oil. I've also found lots of info saying take primrose oil. Good luck everyone and best wishes for an eczema free life.

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby Auth » Sun Apr 22, 2012 4:59 pm

Mary Cairy - You did an awesome job of tncpuriag the mood & beauty of the wedding and it's location. Brings back so many fun memories. Chris & Crystal look ever so happy! And, Calleigh's parents are going to LOVE the picture of her twirling on the dance floor!

Re: Losing Fingernails

Postby Elanur » Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:26 am

If you go into a pharmacy they shluod have many different products. Most of them are just going to make their fingers taste bad, and most likley won't wash off easily. I still have a problem chewing on my nails. I pick at them too, I have done it on and off all my life. If there is a specific reason that the child is doing it like stress or they are bored then if you address that problem it may help. Also give them something else to do with their fingers during these times. Something to wear around their wrist maybe. Sometimes they won't know they are doing it, so don't be too harsh on them.References :


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