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Kathon CG (MCI/MI), Potassium Dichromate & Fragrance Allergy

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Kathon CG (MCI/MI), Potassium Dichromate & Fragrance Allergy

Postby Dublingirl » Tue Mar 05, 2013 3:34 pm


I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for me - I have recently had a patch allergy test for eczema on my face and neck and make-ups & other cosmetics seem to be the problem.

Below are my triggers:

Kathon CG - this is a preservative used in most cosmetics aparently, however, it does not seem to be in Simple, Clinique or boots sensitive shampoo range - this one isn't much of a problem I don't think

Fragrances - also not too much of an issue as there are so many fragrance free products

Potassium Dichromate - also known as Chromium Oxide - this one seems to be a problem as it gives the colour pigment to eyeshadows, mascaras & eyeliners - has anyone had a similar problem and found a solution?

I will say that before I had my allergy test done I tried Bare Minerals and found that while it looked nice it was TERRIBLE for my eczema - I think I read somewhere else that most mineral makeups contain oxides (similar to the potassium dichrmoate above so that is probably where the problem lies). Also bananas showed up in my prick test so I guess thats the potassium too. Good to keep in mind for anyone with a similar experience.

If anyone can advice eyeshadow, eyeliner & Mascara I would be very grateful.

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