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Allergy Testing

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Re: Allergy Testing

Postby pinky » Sat Sep 06, 2003 3:38 pm

I am a mom of a 3 year old severely allergic girl with eczema;she's a little better with hom eopathy but she has a lot of food restrictions some of which can be extremely dangerous for her if taken.My question is how do other moms cope up with the fear that my poor child might eat a food and be in danger?Since I've heard some scary stories about fatal food cases I have been living with fear all the time and would like to talk to somebody about this.


Re: Allergy Testing

Postby dawnenea » Fri Sep 12, 2003 6:08 pm

I find that if I stay away from all citric acid foods that my eczema stays pretty clear. I have had it all my life and i am now 32 yrs old and it seems to be under control because I watch what I eat. I use to love tangerines. I remember when I was in the 6th grade I would eat 3 a days sometimes and that was the time I was broke out the worst.
Now I eat lots of carrots (good for skin)
take amino acids (good for skin)
get omega 3 fatty acids
other good foods too of course.
I have tested out the citrus acid thing by staying away from it for a long time and then eating a tomatoe. I ate a tomatoe a couple weeks ago and was itching through the night for a few days until it was red and oozy .. i love the taste of that stuff but I have to take it in moderation.
I stay away from the prescribed creams unless its absolutely necessary. The one that worked best for me was Triaminicilone (spelling? )(steriod i think)
the cream that works best for me is Avon Hand Cream. It kind of resembles petroleum. it comes in a white tube with royal blue lid and royal blue writing. I put it on and it is soothing although it takes a few minutes for your hands not to feel greasy. it is the only cream that works for me. I use other lotions but when it s red and oozy , i use the avon hand cream

Re: Allergy Testing

Postby tobys mum » Sun Oct 05, 2003 10:54 pm


My son Toby had RAST tests at 5/6 months - he showed negative for egg. But when he was given chicken he had a bad reaction, then again when he was given egg (by mistake in a cheese sauce) at 8 months his reaction was so bad I called an ambulance. (ie severe vomiting, distress, nettle rash, coughing)

I feel that the specialist doesn't believe he can be intolerant to egg and show negative in his RAST test.

I read somewhere that the rast TEST IS BASED on raw egg and that the proteins in cooked egg are different - which may explain it. Has anyone any similar experiences?

Pinky - I can really sympathise with you - I am so terrified that Toby has a severe anaphylactic reaction - he had another allergic reaction to baby Nurofen this week - every time makes my heart stop. I'm now scared to introduce new food stuffs if I'm on my own....
tobys mum

Re: Allergy Testing

Postby Josie » Fri Jan 16, 2004 11:20 pm

My 22 month old baby boy has severe eczema all over his body, particularly on the face and legs, which I am finding very difficult to manage. I also have a three year old son with bad eczema but with wet wraps, emolients and hydrocortisone we cope! My daughter on the other hand is 5 and has beautiful skin! Last summers heatwave was a nightmare for us - my little one reacted badly to the heat and grass pollen and despite our very best efforts to protect him by applying steroids (mostly potent), wet wraps and preventing him from scratching the eczema became continually infected, resulting in a usual dose of antibiotics. The hospital have offered us protopic but my husband and I decided to put it off for a little while and explore the alternative health route option. We have been seeing a very experienced Naturopath now for the past four months who has tested my sons hair and advised me on diet and homeopathic treatments. I had to cut out dairy, wheat, yeast and high sugar content foods. The change in my sons skin initially was staggering - within 4-6 weeks the eczema had almost cleared! Then disaster struck and he developed asthma resulting in oral steroids and yet another course of antibiotics. After this we were back to square one with his eczema and despite alterations in diet and continuation of homeopathic treatments we have made no progress. Because my sons eczema has remained severe, despite changes in his diet, the hospital consultant refuses to believe food allergies are in any way connected but has agreed to do a RAST test on him all the same (we get the results next week). For now we are back on the steroids, which is at least some comfort for my son, but in which direction we turn next is anyones guess!!

Re: Allergy Testing

Postby jane » Sat Jan 17, 2004 9:30 am

We have explored lots of different routes like yourself. We were offered Protopic and have used it. Its not the miricale that lots of people talk about BUT..... It has made one hell of a difference to our sons life and ours. We have just started Cranial Osteopathy as well now. Good luck. Try it just for a little while in our experience it certainly made him happier.

Re: Allergy Testing

Postby ruth » Sat Jan 17, 2004 1:35 pm

josie - try to keep an open mind on treatments - some things work for some and not for others or have only limited success/effectiveness. protopic has been extremely effective for some whereas for others - like us it hasn't- but until you try it - you will never know. one thing you can be assured of with drugs such as protopic is that they lack the side effects that the steroids have. their primary function is to reduce topically the over-reactive immune process occurring within the skin - and research to date has not shown or demonstrated any systemic effects from application of the drug i.e. its effect remains localised to the skin and doesn't affect any other body systems. it doesn't cause skin thinning that long term steroid use can - so its is being described as a relatively safe drug that hopefully will take over from some of the steroids for those that respond well to it. it doesn't hurt to eliminate all the other possiblilities either particularly if you think there is some sort of link between food,dust etc and eczema. good luck with it all

Re: Allergy Testing

Postby josie » Sat Jan 24, 2004 11:47 pm

Message for Ruth - Thanks for your sound advice on using protopic. It all sounded a bit scary when we were offered it at the hospital but I think we've been a bit too hasty in our decision to say "no, not yet!" We are definitely going to go back and re-think it all.

Jane - Thanks for your message. Good luck with the Cranial Osteopathy for your son. I know very little about this and I'd be really interested to know how beneficial you have found it.

We've been using a different steroid cream on our baby son this week - "Stiedex LP" (or Desoximetasone) - and amazingly it's worked. I am so surprised as we have not found one steroid cream in the past year that has worked for us. It's like we've all been given a much needed week off, and my son is so much happier, especially as he's been able to run around with no clothes on! There are still areas of eczema trying to break their way through, especially around the mouth, but so far my son hasn't felt the need to scratch. The treatment lasts for another week @ twice a day and then I have to gradually reduce the amounts, with just emolients in between. Usually when I drop down a strength my sons eczema returns, worse than before, so I'm erring on the side of caution for now.

Re: Allergy Testing

Postby ruth » Sun Jan 25, 2004 9:56 am

i know josie it is a scary business having to put all these creams on - particularly young children as they are so vulnerable -its also hearbreaking when they don't live up to their expectations. it is at least good that you have found in amongst all this a cream that actually does help your child - and whilst you know that with eczema it is often a chronic running battle that can test you and all those around you in every facet of your life - having at least something that does work for you that you can pull out and use is very important whilst you trial other alternatives. dont worry i'm sure most of the people here are sick to death of having to go through the seemingly hundreds of different creams - i know we certainly are. but it does help to explore other options even just for your own peace of mind. take care

Re: Allergy Testing

Postby loura » Sat Jul 17, 2004 3:13 pm

Ihave an 8 month old son who has had ezcema since he was two months.I have tried aqueous cream,E45,hydrocotisone 1% ,oliutum and nothing seems to help.My baby's face has black patches and i have run out of ideas.Pliz help me Im in a desperate situation

Re: Allergy Testing

Postby PennyS » Thu Jul 22, 2004 2:06 pm

Dear Loura
I can sympathise with your situation. My son had eczema from birth- he is now 3 yrs old and we finally seem to have it under control.
I had little help from the GP I suggest you see your health visitor who can refer you for a specialist appt at your local hospital to rule out any skin infection. The hospital have community nurses who can come out and teach you how to wet wrap your baby which really works. OUt of all the creams the best is the cheapest,messiest and greasiest - use paraffin white soft petroleum jelly 50:50. ( like thick vaseline) all over your babies body atleast 3 times a day. At night bandage the babys arms and hands - the nurse will show you how. YOu wont need expensive mitten grows as the tubifast bandage is soft and stops the baby scratching his face- I drew eyes on his hands to make it more fun. The skin given lots of grease and time to heal without scratching can look good as new again.
Try this and if it doesnt work come back to me.
I know how exhausted and desperate you feel. Good Luck.


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