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Food Allergies

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Re: Food Allergies

Postby smallgains » Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:56 pm

I'm 37 and in July of 2012 I had a horrible outbreak of dyshidrosis. I had no help from Doctors for the first 6 months. They kept telling me the usual...."You're getting your hands in something...blah, blah" I had a horrible breakout. My hands lost all of the skin on both hands. They gave me Prednisone and it stopped the outbreak and my hands healed and before they get totally healed, they would start all over again.

I've been testing my diet with different foods completely taken out. I thought it was, coffee, sugar, wheat, yeast......etc.

Coffee and sugar being my main suspects. So I switched to tea and it was fine. I thought it was coffee.
So as opposed to assuming, i went to coffee and low and behold.....it wasn't the coffee...kind of.

I don't make coffee at home. I live in Canada and I usually buy it at Tim Hortons, but recently tried Mcdonalds.

So when I drink Mcdonalds coffee I don't get a break out on my hands at all, but when I drink Tim Hortons, it's almost instant. Maybe ten minutes after a cup.

Caffeine? Nope. Mcdonalds has 1/3 more caffeine than Tim Hortons.
Not the dairy. I drink the same brand Tims uses....

Could it be the heating element in their coffee makers? Cleaners?

My hands have gotten back to normal, other than the fact my skin is still prone to cutting on seemingly harmless things like a light switch.They are getting tougher every day.
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