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Bread and Sugar

Re: Bread and Sugar

Postby Mohd » Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:11 am

Hi! Good question. You shluod look at what you are also eating throughout the day and balance your carbs with other good, nutrition such as protein, fruits and vegetables. There is a great article on carbs by Deborah Klein, Health Director for Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison on their blog called Bottom Line on Glycemic Index; here is a brief excerpt, recommend you read the whole article: Carbohydrates recently developed a bad reputation, especially when the Glycemic Index concept and high protein diets became popular. People were afraid of eating carbs and concerned that it would just turn into fat. I, therefore, am writing to provide you with the facts on the importance of including some carbohydrate foods in your daily diet to keep you optimally fueled and lean for life. Also, I want to clarify what the Glycemic Index really means.

Re: Bread and Sugar

Postby SunBaby » Wed Sep 16, 2015 4:53 am

White flour equals carbs. Your body converts carbs to sugars, hence the flare ups to both.
In my learning days of eczema I had let my sugar levels get too low, so when I ate anything with low sugar content it would keep the eczema spreading. Id stop the sugar intake as mush as possible and my eczema spread would slow. Which made me think I was allergic to sugar. Id have an ice cream through lack of will power and whamo Id have a nasty flare up. Turns out by having more sugar the next day my eczema would be looking better and way less itchy. Seems I need to keep my levels up. 2 weeks clear of eczema and this morning a single itchy blister appears on my finger. 2 table spoons of sugar on my cereals, 1 hour later the blister has gone and no itching.
Good luck to all
We're all different
By the way I lost over 10kg in 6 months while off the sugar
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