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Eczema allergies

Eczema allergies

Postby tracybentley » Mon Dec 05, 2011 7:22 pm

Hi,for 3years my giant gentle labrador has suffered with outbreaks of sores that get infected and he will scratch them which is so distressing.He seemed to get it when scratched or nipped by another dog and it would go on for weeks.
We have tried everything and cost us a fortune and followed vets advice 4 eczema but nothing worked.
I came across a site for skinplex and the reviews were great so nothing to lose tried it well that was 10month ago and its worked not a sign and his coat is fab so pleased you must try it dont want other dogs to suffer if it helps others thanks tracy.

Re: Eczema allergies

Postby Ana » Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:31 am

I have lived in; Washing, Alaska, Illinoise, Indiana, Colorado, Montana, South Carolina, Georgia and Oregon. If the altitude was not so high in Colorado I would go there torromow or yesterday! It is a little dry but you get use to that; it's not too bad in the city of Denver or a suburb. I never had any problems but I suffer greatly in Georgia and a little in Oregon! It all depends on what you are allergic too and what triggers it and what condition your lungs are in. The clean fresh air of Oregon could be far better for you the the allergies are worse on you You need to decide what health condition is the worst but Colorado is beautiful, and much cleaner air now than it was 15 years ago and I may still end up going back there for good this summer.

Re: Eczema allergies

Postby AMMAN » Tue Jun 05, 2012 11:08 am

hello we came along to redgates aminal sanctuary show today and brought lots of treats and a couple of fluffy bones from you we just want to say how much our 2 puppies vera and beau (terrier cross and staffy) love all of thier treats vera chose her pink bone from your stall lol . vera can be very fussy with treats and food at times and often refuses to eat treat but when you were giving her some she shocked us and was munching away happily she absolutely loves them and cant get enough and beau likes them so much he has been trying to steal vera's lol . anyway we just wanted to say what a fantastic stall and products you have and what a very doggy orientated person you were its clear to see how much you love dogs so thank you very much and we will definatly be ordering from you soon by phone and will certainly be ordering christmas gifts from you for our two little terror thank you and keep up the good work from rachel, lynsey , vera and beau < a special wave from the pups

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