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Eczema in the media

Re: Eczema in the media

Postby Eadie » Tue Apr 22, 2008 2:28 pm

Over the past winter I have suffered non-stop with atopic eczema. I have spent a fortune on creams, lotions, etc. Often things would work for a while but then stop working. I would spend at least an hour everyday on the internet looking for new therapies. I found a very interesting study on the vitamin B12 cream that was done in Germany. All participants in the study experience improvement in their condition. You cannot find this cream on the shelf and didn't want to buy something random on the internet. I had a compound pharmacist make it for me this week - I am almost crying as I write this because my condition has improved so dramatically that I can feel my skin healing, and in less than 24 hours. Vitamin B12 inhibits production of inflammatory cytokines and can trap nitrix oxide (should contain 0.07% cyanocobalamin, a form of vitamin B12). The itching has almost completely stopped. My skin is still sensitive due to months of scratching, but once the itch stops it will heal. Please, if you have atopic eczema, look up this study and try the cream - I dragged my heals, and waited way too long to have this made, I had it made in Canada but I'm sure any compound pharmacist could do it. Not cheap, but worth every cent - I want everyone to know that this cream works - an absolute miracle!

Re: Eczema in the media

Postby chiz » Sun Apr 27, 2008 4:40 pm

Have just bought skin md after reading recommendations. My 7 year old son has bad flare-ups on face ,don't know what causes it but may be sun-related.How long would I need to keep using skin md to notice a difference? He's not happy about it because it really stings when I put it on!Also has anyone tried the doctor from This Morning programme and the 3-ingredient cream that he will sell you from his website?

Re: Eczema in the media

Postby Graham » Sun Apr 27, 2008 5:12 pm

If you experience eczema on your fingers periodically, it could be a topical allergy. I had it for years (characterized by clusters of water blisters that would eventually break open) as a kid and went through five doctors/specialists before I discovered the problem on my own through a friend's friend who had the same thing and told me she discovered she was allergic to citrus fruit juice on her skin. Turned out I was too, so I stopped peeling oranges etc. and never had it again. I also have to be careful eating citrus fruits because my lips and mouth are sensitive (get water blisters and cankers).

Eczema on the hand can also be a non-topical issue, such as stress. I had a break out in my late '20s on my right hand when I was learning to play the banjo. All my focus and frustrated nerve-frazzled energy was being channeled into the fingers of my right hand that did the string picking. I gave up the banjo and my fingers cleared up. Or it could be the immune system going out of whack somehow. I'm now dealing with a new outbreak on my fingers of one hand after going 30 years without any issues. I also now have adult onset asthma, which is a sign of an immune system that is out of whack. The eczema this time is non-topical (i.e., not caused by anything obvious that's coming into contact with my skin). It's resulting from something going on inside my body. It's only on one hand and a bit different than when I was a kid--very slow to develop and spread, with redness but fewer and harder blisters, and it only itches once or twice a day for a while, usually when I lay down in bed. It is creating small lesions in the skin too. I'm trying to hone in on what is causing it, so if anyone has a similar experience and any advice that may help, please post something up here or email me at bickie@dccnet.com

Re: Eczema in the media

Postby lizardwoman » Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:08 am

Hi everyone,

Have bought some skin MD to try it out, will let you know if I have any joy with it.

Re: Eczema in the media

Postby SH » Tue Apr 29, 2008 8:44 am

Just my luck Skin MD made my face itchy....damn allergies !!!!

Re: Eczema in the media

Postby miss allergic » Tue Apr 29, 2008 3:47 pm

Hi there SH and lizard woman. I am wary of trying skin md only for the fact that I worry my skin could flare!!! I am very keen to hear how you get on lizard woman and sorry to hear that it hasnt worked for you SH. It does sound like a miracle cream and the answer to all our prayers. I am suffering form a bad flare at the moment. Last week a lump appeared just underneath my right eye on the skin. I went to see my derm who thinks it could be a cold sore as this is the second time I have had this lump on the same area. Thought that I had successfully avoided cold sores and all they bring....
miss allergic

Re: Eczema in the media

Postby SH » Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:47 am

Hi Miss Allegic,

Was a bit disappointed that Skin MD failed but thats the way it goes with a lot of new treatments - didn`t actually track down the ingredient that was the problem.

Not sure if there is any other makes of this type of barrier cream?

Ho Hum..... onto the next big thing....worm therapy anyone !!!


Re: Eczema in the media

Postby lizardwoman » Thu May 01, 2008 2:06 pm


the Skin MD isn't quite enough for me at the moment so i've put it on hold until i'm settled into my new house and less stressed. There is another type of shielding cream called DermaShield which I have actually found more effective and it's possible to get this on prescription (even though doctors are reluctant to prescribe it due to the cost). This stuff has lanolin in it so no good for anyone with lanolin sensitivity but as it's designed to stop harmful substances contacting the skin, it is good for keeping allergens away, especially during summer.

Re: Eczema in the media

Postby SH » Thu May 01, 2008 9:02 pm

Cheers LizardWoman - sadly Lanolin is also a problem so that counts that cream out...d`oh

Regards SH

Re: Eczema in the media

Postby louise » Fri May 02, 2008 9:54 am

Hi you sufferers!
Sorry you had a bad experience with skin md, I love it, but it has got a lot of natural ingredients in that could cause allergy-I had a similar experience the other week to the allergenics creams-my face looked like a tomato, so I totally sympathise! There is another shielding lotion available. It is called gloves in a bottle and it is cheaper than skin md and has less ingredients. It might suit you, but the only down side is it contains parabens-but so do most things. Lets keep encouraging one another. Miss Allergic-I totally relate to your herpes problem-I've got it too! The steroid creams lower your immunity and let it in! Acyclovir cream usually clears it up in a couple of days.


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