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Postby larrybond » Mon Oct 27, 2014 11:46 pm

I suffered terribly with Eczema all over my face, my eyes, and my neck, as my hands and legs. I was on three creams, a steroid cream, Elidel, and a moisturizer (Gentle Naturals baby eczema cream). I was also on a daily antihistamine (Zyrtek), as well as occasionally on Singulair, since I am quite allergic to pollen and dust mites. I suffered terribly for over 8 years, and my Eczema got progressively worse. I was worried about my eyes as steroid use has been linked to cataracts as well as glaucoma. I did develop a cataract in my right eye after about 5 years.

After advice from my brother in India, who saw an ayurvedic doctor, I QUIT ALL DAIRY (INCLUDING GOAT AND SHEEP), ALL GLUTENS, AND ALL SOY. Absolutely zero for ANY of these. In about a week, I could see the Eczema slightly improving. The itching was a lot less. I decided to quit all creams and medications. Cold. In about 4 weeks, I could see definite improvements. My skin was still peeling, and the swelling around my eyes was gradually decreasing, but still had a ways to go. Now, about three months later, my face is almost perfect, my scalp no longer has any dandruff, and I still am completely medication and cream free. It is amazing.

PLEASE remember -- NO DAIRY, NO GLUTEN, NO SOY. You will be amazed.

And what's more amazing -- NONE of the many Dermatologists and Allergists I had been seeing told me to adjust my diet.

Good luck, and God Bless!
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