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Eczema type / Treatment?

This topic covers eczema on various parts of the body, clothing/washing powders as well as different types of eczema and infections.

Eczema type / Treatment?

Postby bettyboo » Mon Oct 10, 2016 11:48 am

I have eczema which appears all over my body. I am Asian and live in Hong Kong. I find that when I travel overseas such as in Australia my eczema improves dramatically. But when I come back to Hong Kong it comes back. I have posted some pictures.

Can you please advise the type of eczema this is because I am unsure?
Also... Could anyone recommend a cure or good remedy for this?

I am already taking Fish Oil (Herbs of Gold), eczema tablets (by Thomson) but there is no change.. It's getting quiet bad and I think the doctors over there are not sure what to do? Maybe somebody can help.

You can view the photos of my skin on the below link.

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