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Treating Eczema from the inside out?

This topic covers creams and emollients, Tacrolimus/Protopic, bath/showers, alternative treatments and magic cures!

Treating Eczema from the inside out?

Postby lisajfaith » Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:29 pm

I was born with eczema and after years of trying everything - all the topical creams, restricted diet, avoiding animal hair, wearing cotton...I found a solution that included adding the right nutrients to my body to balance the hypersensitivity in my immune system. I no longer have Eczema.
Do you think Eczema can be dealt with at the source rather than just targeting the symptoms?
We all know what foods to avoid but what foods have you found that help?
Are there any other dietary tips and hints you can share?
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Teach me the error of my ways, oh knowing & wise Lisa

Postby Quasigirl » Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:15 pm

I read this post a while ago, but was hesitant to add a comment because I’m definitely not a very good example. I wholeheartedly agree that diet has a huge impact on how your skin reacts. My eczema is more the flaky type, although it used to be horridly thick & grey too. It had a massive impact on how I cope emotionally, still does.

Anyway, I was put on a restrictive diet by a nutritionist a year & a half ago. In the beginning it drove me crazy because my diet had zero room for all my previous stress-relieving quick fixes. It was basically no caffeine, no dairy, no soy, no gluten, no peanuts, no mushrooms, no processed anything & certain preservatives. I was also on a cr@pload of supplements & had to do various tests.

Eventually I got into it when I started seeing major results about 4 months in. But I got too into it & took it to the extreme. I ended up underweight & feeling alienated from the restrictions when going out, (all I could ever pick was a frikkin’ salad with none of the good stuff). So having abnormal skin, plus having people think you have an eating disorder was getting too much. Then a few months ago I kinda lost the plot & stopped following all advice. I think I couldn’t take trying so hard & still not being “normal” yet. I was really close but not quite there either. So now I’ve gained some weight back, but my skin is up to its old tricks. I realise that it’s completely my fault, but I happen to be in a bad mindset, so I’m deliberately doing harm to myself.

This message turned into me venting more than anything else, oops. Basically, I’m saying that diet & supplements definitely work wonders, more so than any creams, gels or ointments, but the problem I find is sticking with it, without going too far, or getting frustrated. So I’d appreciate tips from someone like you, who’s maintained results in the long run. I only lasted over a year & threw my efforts away. Now I’m only working on my faulty headspace with therapy, which freaks me out. My nutritionist actually picked up on me needing to work out my 27 years of built-up issues.

I’m just really trying to care enough again to want to get back to when I was real close to having beaten this thing & hearing from a “success story” would help immensely.
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Re: Treating Eczema from the inside out?

Postby dawsonrich28 » Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:19 pm

There's a lot of factors and sometimes it really depends on our diet and lifestyle.. But nothing to worry about because there's a lot of natural ways on how to cure eczema nowadays.. :) God Bless! http://healthycures4eczema.com/
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