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Eczema Free Forever Treatment

This topic covers creams and emollients, Tacrolimus/Protopic, bath/showers, alternative treatments and magic cures!

Eczema Free Forever Treatment

Postby jesicaclark » Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:44 am

Of all skin diseases, the most common and at the same time the easiest to treat eczema is. Eczema quite well to treatment is popular methods, although scientific medicine often have difficulty with this disease. Observations show that eczema as a distinct diseasequite rare, often a symptom of a regular metabolic disorders in the body. Eczema Treatment folk remedies at home

Recipe 1. Treating eczema potato
Peeled potatoes raw rubbed on a grater, squeeze the pulp and wrapped in cotton fabric. This lotion is applied to the site of the lesion. This procedure is recommended several times throughout the day and before bedtime. Alternate with lotions and compresses intake of raw potato in food.

Places defeat eczema wetted potato juice and superimposed on top compresses soaked, again, in this juice. During this procedure, it is recommended to drink potato juice, part of which goes to the bandage to the affected areas.
To enhance the therapeutic effect of traditional medicine uses potato juice with honey instead. Potatoes washed and cleaned, then tubers rub on a small grater. For half a glass of this mass is added a teaspoon of honey and everything is thoroughly mixed.

The resulting mixture is placed on the bandage or gauze and then - to the affected area of the body. Layer of slurry in a sling for at least 1 inch. Administration is fixed and kept for at least two hours. After the procedure, carefully remove the cheesecloth, and the remnants of pulp is removed from the skin with the back of a knife or something similar. For a comprehensive treatment of eczema, a night on the surface of bandage with ointment propolis and day treatment with potatoes and honey repeated.

Recipe 2. Treating tar
Mix 1 tbsp. fly in the ointment with three tablespoons of fish oil, 1 tbsp. false apple cider vinegar. All this is pounded received ointment is applied to a cloth and applied to the affected areas of the skin.

Recipe 3. Treatment garlic
garlic Boiling kneaded, mixed with honey. The resulting mass is spread on cotton fabric and make a bandage on the body, covering the top with waxed paper. This is done in the evening, in the morning sore spot rubbed gasoline and again smeared and ties. With the improvement when the scales on the skin no longer be formed, can be limited armbands during sleep, after wiping the place of gasoline.

For the following method porridge made ​​of three heads of garlic, 50 grams of honey, daily rubbed into the affected areas of eczema.

Recipe 4. cabbage Treatment
With weeping eczema folk medicine recommends making a poultice of cabbage, boiled milk and mixed with bran. Poultice made ​​several times a day.

cabbage leaves hold a few minutes in concentrated apple cider vinegar, then kneaded to obtain juice and superimposed on the wound. Sheets fixed bandage, it means effectively relieves itching and pain.
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