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Eczema and the Sun

This topic covers creams and emollients, Tacrolimus/Protopic, bath/showers, alternative treatments and magic cures!

Eczema and the Sun

Postby CurleyOne » Sun May 18, 2014 8:11 pm

Hello All,

Hope you're all well!

I've been suffering from eczema now for about three years altogether (since I was 19 years old). I live in the UK. I find that using Aveeno Cream on my face (a real problem area for me) is a great moisturizer for day to day use (the average working day). I've tried many other creams on my face but I find a lot make my skin to greasy which is not ideal on the face. The problem is I'm very fair skinned meaning I can get sunburned very easily in the summer months and the Aveeno cream doesn't contain SPF. I'm finding this a real problem when it comes to getting too and from work everyday as I need something to keep my skin moisturized over the working day but also protect my skin from the sun during my commute.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestion of any facial moisturizers that are great for treating eczema and protecting skin from the sun? Do any of you have any tips or techniques that you use to combat this issue? If any of you use a combination of a moisturizer and sunscreen that works a treat I'd love to hear that too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Many thanks,

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