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Vitamin C/Red Clover/Biotin

This topic covers creams and emollients, Tacrolimus/Protopic, bath/showers, alternative treatments and magic cures!

Vitamin C/Red Clover/Biotin

Postby Solitare16 » Sat Aug 16, 2014 7:29 am

I am new here and I just wanted to share my experience if it would help. I have quite severe atopic Eczema, had it all my life and I am 32, I have never had a period in my life where I have never had Eczema, until now.

I live in London and I went to holland recently for a week, my skin started clearing up so I put it down to the soft water so I happened to visit the GP and I mentioned it to him he stated it is not so much the soft water as the fact our water is treated with chlorine. I googled it and it said only Vitamin C can break down Chlorine so I brought some effervescent tablets and now I don't take showers anymore I take baths which of course contrary to the advice you are given but I can't work out how to put it into shower water, I add one to every bath and it helped tremendously.

My mum has Eczema as well and she started taking Red Clover tabs for her menopause symptoms and mentioned she noticed her skin was clearing up, I started taking these and my skin improved leaps and bounds, my skin is now clear.

Not sure if it associated but I take Biotin for different reasons but Biotin is supposed to promote healthy skin, hair and nails.

This is my experience, I cannot say for certain but I hope this helps someone.
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