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Dr aron helped us

This topic covers creams and emollients, Tacrolimus/Protopic, bath/showers, alternative treatments and magic cures!

Dr aron helped us

Postby zara21 » Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:01 pm

my seven year old daughter who suffered from severe eczema. I say suffered as her eczema is now well managed and in control since we started treatment with Dr aron
Dr aron has transformed our lives and hundreds of others
I am sure you are aware of his treatment but I just wanted to let you know of the change he has made to our daughters life
My daughters eczema started at the age of six weeks and over the years it worsened
Over the years we tried oils, diets, homeopathy,herbal and traditional nhs treatments. She battled with infections most her life and was on constant antibiotics
We tried living in different country and that did not even help
Just before she turned six her eczema started to worsen and was unmanageable
Our lives revolved around my daughter. Day and night she has no rest from this horrible illness, she would be having several baths a day and a 500g of epaderm was finishing within two days
She would cry in pain and would could do nothing to help, we felt so hopeless as she tore at her skin, nothing would distract her
Her skin was very red rather than dry .
Everything was so painful for her to do, having a bath, playing, sleeping.
She did not lead a normal life
She dreaded eating because as soon as she did she would start itching like crazy (this was too all her allergy free foods aswel) She became very self conscious and would not socialise
I would have to sleep with her at night (if we slept) moving in bed would be painful and I would have to help her turn or help her out. There have been timys her feet where so sore she could not walk, and would have to wear foam flip Flops
We where in such a horrible place and could no longer cope
Every chance I had I was googling eczema cures. I came across dr aron but I also came across the dangers of steroids and something called red skin syndrome, I decided at the time not to start dr arons treatment as it involved using steroids and instead we took our daughter of steroids
I believed she was suffering from red skin syndrome amd that she was addicted to steroids and my only hope was to take her of them
After failing every treatment and steroids not working and her eczema worsening I thought it was the steroids the problem, I was so wrong.
Everything worsened and we were not seeing any improvements, she couldn't cope and neither could we
I joined alot of Facebook eczema groups and Dr aron kept coming up. I thought hos treatment was too good to be true, I realised this was the same docter i had come across in my Google search but I still had a phobia of steroids, after using them for years and no relief I did not think that this treatment would work
I was reading more and more testimonials on the facebook groups and more people where turning to him, the progress pics where put up and there was such a improvement
It took a while year but I decided that we needed to start with dr aron
We started in June 2014 and have not looked back
Life has dramatically changed
We sleep all through the night (I have never experienced this in six years)
My daughters food triggers have become more obvious and we know what to avoid
She has put on weight after being under weight for so long
She has not been on antibiotics since we started treatment where before she was on constant antibiotics and the doctor wanted her on antibiotics all the time
My daughter is such a happy seven year old and leads such a normal life
Her attendance has improved, she socialises, enjoys going to school.
Dr arons treatment is the best thing that we have come across for my daughter and we would love it if it was available for other patients and if more people where aware of it
It makes life so much easier and bearable
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