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Need help/advice/opinions + giving away FREE SAMPLES

This topic covers creams and emollients, Tacrolimus/Protopic, bath/showers, alternative treatments and magic cures!

Need help/advice/opinions + giving away FREE SAMPLES

Postby Lisa015 » Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:17 pm

Hi fellow eczema sufferers,

I am hoping you can help me! I have suffered from atopic eczema/dermatitis since birth. I have tried all types of treatments from around the world. After taking sometime out, I have come to realise and learn a lot about eczema (a lot which the doctors had not helped me to recognise and understand).

Over the past few years, I have been formulating a 100% natural and 100% organic product to help me maintain my skin and I truly believe I have created a cream that makes me feel not only healed by nature but also radiant!

I want to share this with my fellow eczema sufferers and hope they feel the same joy I do when I apply the cream. For this reason I’m giving away free samples of this and I would love your feedback and opinions on this product!

Please let me know and contact me if your interested and I’ll post it to your address free of charge. I hoping to get as many people to try this, as it truly is worth trying for yourselves.

Best wishes on your eczema journey

Thank you!

Lisa Rahman (lisarahmancosmetics@hotmail.com)
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