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Our Eczema Poems

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Re: Our Eczema Poems

Postby SM » Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:29 pm

This doesnt rhyme its just how i really feel
What has happened to us in this place
Everyone has seemed to move on but me
As always I’m left in the dark
As they all move on with their lives
I`m left
They don’t see what I’ve turned into but
No one does as if this is normal
This thing called
They say its damages you physically but it does far worse mental damage
Its scars you deep down and the worst thing is
Only you feel it because if you begin to describe it
No one
Actually understands
Their so wrapped up in their day to day lives they forget the simplicities of it all
Being able to act your age
Being able to walk down the street without the stares
Or even people wanting to touch you
Yes they all forgot
And these are the people who are my so called
But then you start to wonder if you weren`t here
But that would mean going off to a place worse than this
I`m just going to have to wait till my time is up
Then hopefully I’ll have a fair chance of pure happiness

But then there is that handful of people who make you
Feel special, normal in fact
Note: these aren`t people that share my blood
When I tried to tell my mother in a letter
I was told it was my fault but whose fault is it
Because it certainly isn’t mine
But then again no one cares about this stuff do they

Re: Our Eczema Poems

Postby angel17 » Fri Aug 20, 2010 6:09 pm

how i wish i was like the rest with eczema i'll never be the best

i thought i was the only one who felt this way
felt like crying and running away

but its not just me
im not the only one who wants to feel free

not wearing jeans and a hoodie
but wearing shorts and feeling really ... goodie

maybe one day they'll be a special cure then none of us will have eczema anymore

Re: Our Eczema Poems

Postby FedUpHelen » Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:25 pm

Eczema makes me want to rip off my skin
It doesn't look like me, where do I begin?
The pain isn't really the worst bit
I feel like my confidence has taken a hit
I feel sick I want to cry
Sometimes I even want to die
Doctor's don't care or understand
It ruins my life and disrupts my plans
It takes over and it rules me
Makes me a prisoner and controls me
I want to rip my skin right off
Can't go out in case people laugh
'It's just a rash - put some cream on'
I want my skin back, I may as well dream on
Everyone else looks perfect to me
When they look at me, what do they see?
A flaky, red and blotchy face
I want to go back to my hiding place
Don't want to look at my reflection
This is turning into an obsession
In the mirror - she isn't me
I don't feel like the person I see

Re: Our Eczema Poems

Postby Auth » Sun Apr 22, 2012 3:28 pm

Maybe you can put socks on her hands My mom used to do that to me. Or tell her to scratch once, and stop and see if it heepld. Or tell her to try rubbing it or slapping it lightly instead. Or think of a code word? Not sure, good luck!

Re: Our Eczema Poems

Postby nani » Fri May 25, 2012 7:55 am

Another day
Another night
Pain in the shower
Causes fright
I have so much more to offer
A mother a musician a great daughter
Its like a whole scab now covers my face
No time for rest
No peace
No space
I wish to dance and run and play
But i just scratch the day away
This itch this itch
I am a scratching fiend
Till it hurts and seeps
And cracks and bleeds
Ill just stay inside uncomfortably
So the beautiful will never
Have to see me.
I try with might to stay positive
But how could you
If you looked like this
More cream more cream
More prednisone
They prescribe and prescribe
But it never goes.
Eat this not this
Eat more of these
Your allergic to meat
Wait no wool
Maybe its the trees.
Maybe im allergic to oxygen
Cause everywhere i go it never ends.
But i will never give up this fight.
I will sieze the days
I will own the night
I will rid myself of this disease
I will wear bathing suits out on the beach
I will shop for groceries not flaking one flake
No matter how much hard work and dedication it takes
I will wear beautiful makeup for a night on the town
And not once run to the bathroom
To scratch under my gown.
I will not give up
I promise you I will be saved
And that you too will never give up
I will always pray.

Re: Our Eczema Poems

Postby Auth » Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:52 am

Usually humidity helps those suriffeng from eczema.However, there are other factors that might have triggered it, such as -stress (yes, traveling can cause stress on the body even if you don't feel it)-whether it was windy where you were staying (it can be humid and windy near the coastline)-whether the heat caused the beginnings of heat rash , which can make eczema flare.-whether you had to use sunscreen or anything else on your skin that could have triggered it.-whether you went swimming or engaged in unusual activity that caused a lot of sweat (sweat contains salt, the sweat evaporates, the salt remains on your skin, and can be an irritant)So, back to the cortisone cream alternative treatment and keep well-hydrated. That works for me, too!

Re: Our Eczema Poems

Postby whatallergy » Mon May 26, 2014 9:57 am

I agree poetry is a very powerful way to express how eczema makes us feel, however I was surprised to discover that Ginny has posted a poem on Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:32 pm which has been almost completely plagiarised as her own when in fact, I wrote this poem myself a year before and had posted it on my blog at http://www.whatallergy.com . You will find Ginny's, or rather MY poem on page two, or that's where I found it. She doesn't appear to have a title but my version as called Stop Scratching. Now I'm flattered that Ginny liked my poem and has taken it as her own, she has changed a few words and added in an extra verse but it is almost word for word my poem. This is wrong. It is against the law. If it was attributed and she had said she found the poem, written by me (Ruth Holroyd), and has created her own version then fine, but imagine finding someone has pinched your poem and not mentioned you all! I would either like this poem removed, or the correct attribution used. I have no idea who Ginny is and she did not ask my permission to use my poem. I also don't appear to be able to respond directly to Ginny about my poem so hope that someone who moderates the forum can help. Or Ginny if she reads this! :x :(
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Re: Our Eczema Poems

Postby LBSJohAnn » Thu Jan 15, 2015 1:28 pm

[Thursday, January 15, 2015 3:50 PM] You: I'm just a newbie. Sorry if it's not really good. :( But I hope you understand the message of this poem. God bless us everyone. :)

Depths of Despair
J. Golingan

No one knows how painful it is
To be tied in a chain of sorrow.
Hiding in a joyful mask
Is frightened soul of a saddest heart.
How can I escape negativity?

Everyday is suffered intense pain.
Every night is unpleasant sensation,
An irritating cutaneous sensation.
Would I be able to relax or be still?
Then how?
Then when?
With skin as red as bloody rose;
With body as itchy as burning flame;
This is not just a physical or mental suffering.
This is about terrible emotion filled with thorns.
How can I ease this kind of pain?

Take this, take that
Prednisone, etc.
Eat this, not that
Chickens, eggs, etc.
Too many forbidden rules
Did something happened?
It comes and it goes,
And I have no control.

Depspite of this current situation,
I end up hoping.
Hoping for a permanent solution, for freedom.
Hoping for a cure, to be healed;
Hoping for a once in a blue moon called
An endless hope
Which leads to the gate of chaos
To enter a deadly paradise called
The Depths of Despair.
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