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School uniform

Re: School uniform

Postby mdandl0191 » Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:37 pm

For all you school tights try tights-n-socks.co.uk

Re: School uniform

Postby Mohamad » Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:59 am

Looking at the construction of this kaejct I can see that this is a very substantial garment, built to last for years and to be handed down to the next boy in the family. This would have been fully lined and of a heavy woolen material and would have kept a lad warm in the winter months. had it got a wetting though it would have smelled like a damp dog and those shorts, although lined fully the lining would have stopped at the lower seam, would have had a half inch or so of harsh woolen material to chafe the legs above the knees, very much exaggerated when wet! Most boys would have had a gaberdine style raincoat which would have covered the shorts but which would have allowed water to run off and soak the boy's socks. My last short-trousered suit was not built to the quality shown here but of a much lighter weight material. I wore it until I was thirteen and the shorts were beginning to show signs of growing out of; in fact I wore the suit long after I started wearing long trousers to school. I would change also change out of my longs into old school shorts to go and play, longs were a nuisance for playing, especially when wearing wellingtons as they kept riding upwards and out of the top of the boots forcing me to keep stopping and stuffing them back in again no, much preferred shorts at that age. You grow out of it though and within a few months going out to play was only for kids!

Re: School uniform

Postby Fidelis » Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:34 pm

Ordered online on Sunday for Monday devilery between 4 and 6pm. Its now Tuesday afternoon and despite 6 phone calls and 6 promises for them to call me back, no shopping. I have demanded my money back which they refuse to do and so I called my credit card company. They inform me they Asda are in breach of contract and that they will get the cost cancelled. Forms are being posted out to me tonight to fill in so that Credit Card company can challenge the payment for me. I always use a credit card to shop online in order to have some way to recover my money from internet fraudsters like Asda who take peoples money and dont deliver the goods. If somebody did this online as a private individual it would be labelled a scam and the perpetrator would be brought to justice, Asda however, seem to be allowed to do this and avoide the legal consequences.

Re: School uniform

Postby Sarah » Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:27 pm

As a home shopping drievr for Asda I feel your pain.Rarther than calling the call centre, call the local store that would actally be doing their delivery. (although your not supposed to your much more likly to get a decent responce and no stupid hold times) I never did understand why your not suposed to ring the store directly, The first thing the call center does after hanging up on you, is call the store anyway .. So its just adding a 3rd (bearly able to speak english) person into the mix for no reason.I wouldn't order home shopping from Asda, and I deliver it.I have a MILLION other gripes with asda. but i wont go into them now. I may just start my own blog about it instead


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