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Does anyone have any stress management tips?

Re: Does anyone have any stress management tips?

Postby untypicalangel » Sun Oct 10, 2004 2:46 am

i strongly suggest kick boxing... best thing ive ever done for my self... it helps when ur able to take all the stress that u feel inside n exert it in to something as physical as kick boxing... not to mention, it helped me lose most of the weight i gained while on steroids like prednisone for my eczema... works on 2 fronts there... not to mention... it boost ur self confidence knowin that u can kick some 1s ass ;)

Re: Does anyone have any stress management tips?

Postby ruth » Sun Oct 10, 2004 3:20 am

cool suggestion angel! - double whammy benefits plus its legal as well -what else could you find that would fit that bill - great idea!!!. we all need to be able to release the frustration in side us -its when it builds up that it causes us all sorts of problems. saves it taking it out on ourselves or others!!

Re: Does anyone have any stress management tips?

Postby Joe » Thu Oct 18, 2007 1:00 am

I suffered from dyshydrosis excema for 5 years. The little blisters, the cut skin, you name it I had it bad. I tried all the creams nothing worked permanently. Then my doctor prescribed me valium for another issue and presto my excema disappeared and hasn't returned. I take a small dose only 5mg whenever I feel a flair up. I suggest you try this instead of paying the pharmacuticals all the money for creams that don't work.

Re: Does anyone have any stress management tips?

Postby helen » Fri Nov 04, 2011 3:40 pm

Does anyone know of any good meditation CD's Ive managed to rid myself of a recent severe flareup which lasted 6 mnths by forcing myself to leave house to go for a walk everyday-even when in pain and found this really beneficial. Doing somethng other than worrying about my skin has helped 'switch my mind off' and my stress levels have massively reduced. Also bought some evening primrose oil and omega 3. Thought might also give meditation a go......realise how powerful the mind is and repercussions when im feeling stressed for long periods of time.....

Re: Does anyone have any stress management tips?

Postby mirina » Sat Nov 12, 2011 4:37 pm

After an inconclusive attempt to reduce eczema by diet, I'm realising that searching for some kind of cure and the suffering, takes up most of my time. Feels like I've put my life on hold while waiting for an improvement. Two weeks on antibiotics for a staph infection gave a glimpse of life without itch and redness, until it inevitably returned, taking my joi de vivre with it. The challenge at the moment is how to get my life back on track despite all this, as the eczema itself is back taking centre stage. I suspect by cracking this my eczema will recede, or perhaps recede in importance, as the post below mentions. Any more stories about pushing eczema to one side, and spending more time getting on with life trying not to be at the mercy of the dreaded E?

Re: Does anyone have any stress management tips?

Postby helen » Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:27 am

H everyone

recommended a book mindfullness and practical quide to finding peace in a frantic world...and a CD called Body scan-will give it a go as still got chronic itching even though skin clear. D id anyone watch food hospital this week- not sure i understood what they were saying? said overeating puts pressure on immune system losing weight will get ridof eczema?that simple? however made me think about my eatinghabits when stessed prior to flareup although when my skin is chronic have no desire to eat what so ever.....anyone got any views on this...?

Re: Does anyone have any stress management tips?

Postby detox » Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:10 pm

go to messages, last day on the left of the screen and then follow the conversation I was having with megan 101. Diet and food is the key to actually healing your health and body and getting rid of diseases.

Re: Does anyone have any stress management tips?

Postby Mateen » Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:58 am

Pin my tail and call me a donkey, that really hleped.

Re: Does anyone have any stress management tips?

Postby anna » Thu Dec 22, 2011 12:04 pm

Hi all, i know exactly how you all feel, and reading these messages have made me cry because I can relate to all of them, and over the years I have gone through such hard times.

All my life I’ve lived with eczema and allergies and gone through so many tough stages of my life. It’s seriously dented my confidence and even when I was very young I used to hate leaving the house because of people staring at me. I would cry daily and feel so alone. Having eczema has really felt like a curse all my life, and I would have loved to have someone to talk to about it, to know that someone else was going through what I was. Because of this, I’ve decided to set up a forum for teenagers with skin problems ranging from eczema, to acne, to dry skin. I want people to feel like there are others out there to help them and understands how they are feeling. The forum will allow teenagers to connect and help each other and share advice and tips. Every teenager goes through some skin problem and I feel this will really help so many people.

The website is freckletalk.com (and is a www address) and it would be lovely for some of you to post your stories on there and talk to you all. Thank you so much for your time, and I wish you all the best of luck with your skin.

Re: Does anyone have any stress management tips?

Postby letsdoiteczema » Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:04 pm

This is the best-kept medical secret in history. IT IS TOTALLY FREE, you don't have to buy it. It is produced inside your body! Please kindly be VERY open-minded.

My heart goes out to anyone suffering from any sickness, physically or mentally. I can totally sympathize with your pain, hopelessness, frustration as I have suffered a lifetime of debilitating severe chronic illness in the form of severe eczema, food/environmental allergies and was hospitalized twice due to full body weeping rashes.

After trying dozens of conventional, alternative treatments; organic whole foods, vegetarian, vegan, cooked, raw diets; I finally stumbled upon uropathy and paleo diet. These 2 things combined with other healthy lifestyle habits have reduced my full body rash 95% in less than 2 months. Uropathy is NOT a folk remedy, there are thousands of medical reports published on it (50 compiled medical reports in free ebook "Your Own Perfect Medicine" downloadable on my website).

I SINCERELY URGE you to kindly take a look at this as I believe it will benefit you greatly. I have ABSOLUTELY NO COMMERCIAL INTEREST in promoting my website, created with the sole aim of sharing my real experience. NO PRODUCTS to sell, NO ADS. There are 100% free ebooks for download about uropathy on my website at naturescureforeczemaallergies[dot]weebly[dot]com

Let's end the unnecessary suffering of humanity together!



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