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In Need Of Comfort

Re: In Need Of Comfort

Postby lov3l33 » Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:08 am

Hi Detox -

This is what I'm trying to say. Within the same week of my birth, my Mom noticed i had very dry skin, then the scratching, next she was told it was ezcema. She discussed it with my doctor at the time. Now- being only a few days old - how would toxins be in my body unless it's naturally in the blood? Because - of course, I can't eat or drink anything that is unhealthy/or toxic (because I have no teeth, :) Now-lets say it was the breast milk or the baby formula that was toxic, well, after a certain age, I discontinued drinking both. But - I will be 38 years old in a couple of weeks and NOT ONCE have I lived without ezcema. And I can't eat any foods I'm allergic to because I will immediately throw up. I think of the kenalog steroid shot. Once given, no matter how much junk food I eat I don't itch for about 3 days - so I need to find out what triggers itching in general - it's not junk food or what you're allergic to - it can't be cuz I've had this since birth...that's all I'm trying to get across. And I've come to this conclusion because I'm now close to 40 and no matter what - cuz i've tried being vegan for a year and it was still there - so, it must be either a vitamin deficiency or a blood disease. Or something else in the body that is off. Any Thoughts Any Reader ??

Re: In Need Of Comfort

Postby detox » Fri Dec 17, 2010 9:10 am

Maybe.....and I am just guessing obviously, you were born with a weak digestive system and that was causing the eczema. Did you have lots of stomach pain as a child?

I think also there is a difference between sensitivity and allergies. I think if your allergic to something you will have an allergic reaction but if you are sensitive to something it builds up in your system until your body cant cope with it and overloads the liver and then your body trys to push this stuff out through your skin.....

I think the itching is your bodys way of trying to detox the skin....you know how dry skin brushing is detoxing for healthy skin? well maybe the itch reaction is our bodys way of trying to detox seriously overloaded skin?

And, absolutely no offence because I have never tried being a vegan and I am sure it takes a lot of hardword and commitment, but it doesnt necessarily mean you were eating healthily and getting the right nutrients for eczema.

It could be that if you have a weak dysfunctional digestive system, your body cant get the right nutrients from food..... have you ever tried looking at how to make sure your digestive system is healthy? Like things like fasting and aloe vera juice and probiotics and diets for healing the digestive system?

You may have already! These are just thoughts. But by trying I mean like 3 months worth of trying and not giving up if a flare up occurs and dismissing the strategy as not working?

Re: In Need Of Comfort

Postby lov3l33 » Sat Dec 18, 2010 4:36 am

No, I never have stomach pains as a child or an adult. I tried the detoxing for about 4 months, perhaps i had a reaction to the products they suggested - Immunotec & FrenqueSea (unsure of spelling). So when I just couldn't take the pain, itching and discomfort anymore, I decided to be seen by a regular doctor. Because I kept hearing about leaky gut and poor digestion perhaps being the reasons for ezcema, I decided to see a GI doctor. I discussed this with him, and asked him to check my digestive system, gut, liver and kidneys (because alot of people on the net would say the liver is damaged due to the steroids, etc). I took blood tests and he told me I have a completely healthy digestive system, gut, liver and kidneys, but here's the interesting part - the doctor told me there is no such thing as leaky gut syndrome (he told me this before the lab work by the way). He also told me so many of his patients and new patients are asking him about leaky gut because it's being said on the internet but there's no such thing. I'm now seeing an Accupuncturist, we'll see how that goes. How do you detox, obviously I must have been doing something wrong or it just wasn't the right method for me. How do you flush and how do you detox?? thanks ;)

Re: In Need Of Comfort

Postby detox » Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:35 am

Hi! Wow, thats really weird.....Its hard to know what to believe. I mean, i dont believe everything i read on the net, but I dont believe everything the doctors say either. I guess i just know that if I follow what i would follow if leaky gut existed and i had it, i get better.

I flush by drinking apple juice for 3 full days and eat only apples and then I drink half a cup of lemon juice mixed with half a cup of olive oil. I dont use the epsom salts because i am not sure how safe they are. And i dont get stones flushing out that people talk about....but after i have had the juice/oil thing, I start eating salads etc, nothing processed, no drinking, no sugar....I exercise and then I stay eczema free until the next time I have a glass of wine and think 'its only a glass' and then i eat chips from the chip shop and then I have a smoke then a week down the line of doing this i have a flare up!

I guess it really isnt the same for anyone and you just have to do what makes you feel better and you should try and keep it healthy!

I know you have had eczema for a long time...Iv only had it 2 years...but I dont believe you have to have it for the rest of your life.

Re: In Need Of Comfort

Postby detox » Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:35 pm

Hey Lov3l33,

i was really interested in what you said about the doctor saying leaky gut didnt exist and have been reading around and found this site.


It may or may not interest you! Oh and I wanted to ask if you take flaxseed oil? I know people have reported flaxseed oil as really improving their eczema because people with eczema are lacking in certain fats.

Re: In Need Of Comfort

Postby lov3l33 » Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:29 am

Hi Detox,

thanks for the info about your process for detoxing - that's wonderful to hear it works. I took flaxseed but it didn't help the itching. I have extremely dry skin, so it should help for that if nothing else I guess. You're so blessed not to have had it all your life. I have horror stories of ezcema. I will read the website you suggested, thanks. Are you male or female, and what state are you in? I'm female in southern california.

Re: In Need Of Comfort

Postby detox » Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:40 am

Hi lov3l33

I am female and from England. I am 26.

My 'eczema story' is one day I had a tiny patch of dry skin on my arm and by the end of the month both of my arms were covered in red itchy rashes! I tried everything and couldnt stop the itching and it spread all over my back and then my knees and lower legs...and at one point it got my nipples and they were oozing but somehow I managed to zap that in 2 weeks and although sometimes they are a little itchy, they have never got the eczema back.

Anyway, i tried everything I could. The turn around was this year. After I had a painful miserable xmas, I started committing my self to cleaning my blood and detoxing my organs. Its hard because theres loats of conflicting info on the net. The most useful help I have had has come from a lady who gave my a couple of colonics (which I followed up with just drinking veg juice for a few days and my skin was magic for months and since then I dont have big flare ups or bleeding cracked skin). She told me about the kind of food I should be eating. She did advise me to cut down on my fruit because of the natural sugar which I havent done so far but am committing myself to now.

I have spoken to her over email the past copule of days and we have agreed that in the new year I am going to get a colonic and then follow it up with a liver detox and then have a coffee enema straight afterwards. She told me that she doesnt believe you can perform a truely effective liver flush without the epsom salts btw in case you are interested in that.

I am nervous about it, I am a private person so it makes me a bit uptight lol but I know the impact on my health they had before.

I know this is one that gets banded about alot and you have probably heard it or tried it already, but have you tried a sock stuffed with oats in your bath for the itching? I have also heard that peppermint oil in your normal moisturizer soothes the itch. Personally the only thing that eased the itching long term for me was the healthy eating exercise and detoxing...which isnt helpful in the here and now. In the short term, maybe spraying the area with cold water? Because if the itch it to do with the blood thats circulating close to the skin, and it is close to the skin because the veins and capillaries have widened because of this autoimmune reaction, then spraying them with cold water should make them contract shouldnt it?

i dont know im just guessing at why it helps.

I think accupuncture is a really interesting idea because its to do with unblocking things in your body and improving your circulation, isnt it? I dont think that it alone will make a huge difference. Maybe you could couple it with something else? Like a 24 hour fast, have the accupuncture and then have a veg juice detox for another 48 hours or something?

I mean that would be amazing for your body, it would make it release tons of toxins. And if you do have a flare up while you are doing it because of all the toxins being released, i personally would use some betnovate because Iknow it surpresses syptoms but I do think that it also does some good and you cant just suffer in agony.

Sorry this is such a long message! If i dont get on the forum again before xmas, Have a lovely xmas xxx

Re: In Need Of Comfort

Postby Sarah » Sun Apr 22, 2012 5:39 am

Super exitced to see more of this kind of stuff online.

Re: In Need Of Comfort

Postby Ozy » Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:43 am

i am 12 years old and recently acuotncered with excema i used to cry to go outside when i first got it .. until i realized this doesnt change ME at all .. just my body occasionally a person asks whats wrong with my skin and i just always say its a rash .. lets me tell everybody, NOBODY WHO IS ACTUALLY UR FRIEND CARES!!!!! So if u have excema go out and live your life!

Re: In Need Of Comfort

Postby sona » Sun Sep 23, 2012 11:58 am


This keeps my eczema at bay and cuts it down by 75-95%

You need to do it for 14 days :
No caffeine, tea or coffee
No dairy
No meat
2 litres water with 1 tsp natural rock salt, no table salt at all
2tbsp fresh lemon juice in warm water 3 times a day
Benadryl anti histamine specific for skin allergies
100mg zinc for 2 days, then increased up to 150mg three Times a day for 10 days then 200mg once a day
There's 2 creams as well, but I can't remember the nameof 1 I'll.post it as.Soon as I remember,
The other.cream.is aveeno for eczema dry skin

Things that worked for other people didn't work for me , but this did.


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