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What healed my eczema

What healed my eczema

Postby Melanie » Sun Aug 11, 2013 11:41 pm

I have had eczema on my eye lids and cheeks for years. The corners of my lips too. My friend introduced me to a superfood drink called Zeal. I liked it because it has all my nutritional needs and it gives me energy and makes me feel good. It is loaded with nutritional value. I drank it for 2 weeks and my eczema was gone. The eczema between my fingers healed up after about a month too. But, my face healed in 2 weeks.

I was trying everything before that. Hydrocortisone cream, jojoba oil, fish oil, borage oil, MSM, niacin moisturizer, oatmeal lotion. It was getting expensive trying so many things and none of them really helping.

Then this drink just healed it up out of no where. I knew there was something in my diet that must have been missing. Everything else in my life seems to be tied to diet.This drink has so much in it I found what I needed.

Please let me know if you want to try it. Send me an email at malihah244@yahoo.com and I can give you more information. Even mail you a sample if you are in the US.

I gave it to another guy and after 3 days he started to feel better. The stuff is amazing!
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