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So..I would like to be normal

So..I would like to be normal

Postby adultitcher83 » Wed Jul 02, 2014 4:22 am

Hey fellow itchers,

I have suffered from eczema my entire life. From head to toe, I am covered. Creams, steroids and other treatments help but it can never make me normal. There is no such thing. Saddest part for me? I would love to fall in love and get married. But the only people who understand what I live through are my family and that is because they live through it with me. I am 30 and I have three sisters, two married and one engaged and people ask why that has not happened with me yet. How do you explain that it's embarrassing to show someone the scars you have given yourself? That at some point, the person you want to spend time with will see you itch and if your skin is dry the flakes of skin or streaks of blood? How sometimes when you get up in the morning after a bad night, your sheets look like something out of a crime scene? How sometimes the treatments can make you smell? How an infection can do the same? How sometimes your clothes will stick to your wounds and sores? I even keep my skin covered up in front of my family who have been there every second of the way. I have zero confidence when it comes to trusting someone to that extent, someone outside my close little circle. I wish I could change that. I am an Aunty and my darling niece suffers from eczema too. And I think she is the most beautiful little girl and I want her to have everything that I don't, including friends and a man or woman that loves her for her. I don't wish for eczema to ever stand in her way. EVER. But how do you change a life long habit of protection from judgement? Any advice would be great. I want to be a good influence for my niece but I am struggling to be that to her when it comes to confidence and the belief that someone can choose to love me despite me condition. How does a normal person deal with eczema when they don't know what it is like??
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