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just a thought

just a thought

Postby seppi » Tue Jul 08, 2014 6:13 am

Waiting for a moment of peace in my mind I watch the needle full of steroids enter my arm a tear falls down my cheek finally knowing for a moment my skin and mind will rest to fight another day. I feel a tingle in my hands and with that my self destructive behavior and thoughts will sleep as the monster they have become. At least for now I feel human again. I keep telling myself stay positive a cure will be found and all these thoughts will work themselves out the way the ocean does with the sand. For now I hold on to hope the way a parent clenches their newborn. Every day feels longer. I'm fed up with the anger that resonates in my veins. For once I want to smile and feel real wrinkles again. How do grow when you cant come to terms with this hell burning itching skin its like hades is laughing with a blowtorch in his hand!! I guess you just fight on and on...
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