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My story and azathioprine

My story and azathioprine

Postby blackcat73 » Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:33 pm

Hi all,

I felt after suffering from eczema for the last 4 years to share my story and give hope to all those suffering from this horrible disease.

I didn't start to suffer from any eczema until i hit 36, which was unusual. It started out as a very small amount on my elbow. The doctor gave me some cream, but more started to appear on other elbow and it started to spread. Within a few months I had large areas on my elbow and arms, which would be itchy and weep. Stronger creams were given - betnovate was the common one, which eased it, but the disease was spreading. Over the next 2 years it consumed my body, spreading to my entire arms, back, stomach, legs, feet and hands. Light treatment was a disaster and made it worse. Creams didn't work and all attempts to use home remedies also failed. Apple cider, olive oil, gels all useless. Eventually I was put on cyclosporine, but although it worked initially, it only cleared it temporary and it started to return. For a short relief, prednisone was great, but after a few weeks, back to normal. This was getting me down, and the last attempt was to try Azathioprine, and that has transformed my life. When taking this, as the weeks progressed, the eczema started to clear and within 6 months I was totally clear. It was amazing to be able to wear shorts, and t-shirts again and to go on holiday and swim in pools and the sea. I've now come off this, and although I still have the odd bit of eczema its manageable with betnovate. I would say to anyone who hasn't tried azathioprine to give it a go. I'm suprised it hasn't come up often on this site, with only 14 hits when searching for it. It may not work for everyone, but it's saved me from heading to a dark place.
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