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Hello Folks

PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:17 pm
by Lelly
Hi folks,
just thought I'd introduce myself. I have had eczema on my left ankle for about 20 years now. I used to have it ankle to knee on both legs but my right leg cleared up and the left has settled into a large patch on the outside of my ankle.

The worst thing for me is the itching. I know very well I am not supposed to scratch but it feels soooo gooood. I have tried most steroid creams and emollients but nothing seems to get rid of it. The only time it improved was when I spent 6 months in India and was out in the sunshine a lot. Then I guess I must have just forgotten to scratch.

Recently I thought I would try applying a wound dressing to the area during the day so I couldn't scratch. OK it worked for the intended purpose but when I take the dressing off it is wet and stinks. So I think this is probably not the best idea.

I have also used Purepotions skin salvation. this does seem to help but it makes a real mess of the bed so I think I may go back to using it with plastic wrap!

If it gets too sore I sometimes resort to applying Germoline as this stops the risk of infection (and is slightly anaesthetic).

So, will go back to Purepotions tonight and see how I get on.