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Hello Folks

Hello Folks

Postby Lelly » Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:50 am

Well, I thought I would introduce myself. I am a newbie to this forum. I have had eczema for many years now - started off with psoriasis when I was a teenager but a reduction in stress and being vegan seemed to put that to bed.

But the eczema has remained. Luckily I only get it in 1 spot (mainly). My left ankle. However, like many people I have a tendency for my skin to generally feel itchy and from that is it a short ride to getting a flare up pretty much anywhere. I think I should take out shares in the various moisturiser companies!

I have tried steroid creams of varying strengths, urea cream, Vaseline you name it. Most of these don't work at all for me.

One that does give some relief is purepotions skin salvation. But it is very thick and not suitable for use during the day (as it made my clothes stick and then got covered in trouser fluff.......)

But at night I have started to apply it thickly then wrap the ankle in plastic wrap (as before I would find it only stayed on my skin for about 30 mins and was then was plastered on the sheets and not much use.

With the plastic wrap I find it stays on my skin all night and my ankle is much softer in the morning and less itchy. So I will keep on with this as I do not feel the need to scratch at the moment.

I did try putting a wound dressing over the outbreak to stop me scratching - this was not a good idea as the skin would be wet and smelly when I took the dressing off and I was worried about this causing an infection.

I just wish my skin didn't itch all of the time.

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