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I tackle Eczema in a three to five days

I tackle Eczema in a three to five days

Postby eczemafreeworld » Fri Jun 09, 2017 3:05 pm

Hi Everyone, It is great to read the information and other people thoughts on the cures for eczema, but i find it a little difficult to read them because I can see how the subconscious programing from the doctors penetrated into the minds of people.

Same like you I have suffered eczema for quite a while and for some time not even realizing how harmful can be the medicine that I have been applying on my skin, and that it affected the internal organs in my body and instead of helping my skin just simply harmed entire body immune system.

I have healed eczema myself and successfully control it eating everything I want and enjoying full body life throughout. I have even written the book on how to actually get rid of it.

The first thought that everybody should have in terms of healing eczema is just to put your entire body and the systems into complete and sound health, rather than think on how to actually heal that surface — the skin. Think of how everyone can do it and what is that sound and good health. do the research and make it happen and then share it with other in this forum. I know that eczema can be healed in as little as 3 to 5 days because I have done it many many times.

I will share one tip here:
1. Take 3 kg of good quality salt, either rock or sea salt and soak for thirty minutes in this salt saturated warm water to give your body necessary minerals and at the same time purify your body and your skin through the open pores.
2. Find the ways to circulate the energy and blood intensively throughout the body, thus allowing your body to heal.
3. Make sure you have a plentiful intake of zinc, calcium magnesium and vitamin D as a supplement, drench yourself with it.
4 make sure your gut health is healthy.

more tips you can find on my facebook page eczema free world if this post will see the publicity at all and will not be killed by the admins.
best of luck
my vision is Eczema free world
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