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Shea butter question - please

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Shea butter question - please

Postby Howto » Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:42 am

Hi - first off not trying to sell anything at all but need your help to try to make a difference to sufferers of Eczema.

We have a company which sells unrefined Shea butter - totally free from any additives and as pure as it is possible to get (we checked a lot because we needed to use it ourselves for eczema issues with our daughter (how we got into this - but that's another story)

Having read that many here use Shea butter to help their own eczema there is also a lot of talk about mixing the Shea with calendula, cocoa butter and whipping it - we want to create a product which will actually work best but to make something that is available at a reasonable price we need to find out what is really working for the maximum number of people so we can get it created and available.

Can you please post back what you find works best when you mix it to pure, unrefined Shea butter (not chemically treated the real Shea butter) so that we can make it - we simply don't want to make 'another' cream we want to make something that actually helps.

We are selling nothing here - our company, brand, product is not even listed on this site and even our email address is not our business one we really just want a chance to make something worthwhile that can help and would genuinely appreciate your thoughts.
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