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Postby sptravis » Mon Jun 08, 2015 3:06 pm

I grew up with eczema on my hands and behind my ears. I know have three children and they all have problems with eczema. My daughter has problems with earrings and on her hands. Both of my sons get it on their legs and one son it spreads up in to his groin area.
I have tried everything, even spent a fortune on natural products, such as soaps for the body, shampoo's, laundry soaps, etc... I finally found an entire line available on-line that has cleared all four of us from our annoying eczema. It is a cream called "Renew". But not only did I try and change out all of the shampoo's and body soaps, I decided to switch out my laundry soap and all of my house cleaning products.
Our entire family has seen a gigantic change in overall health. My husband was a bad asthmatic and now he uses his puffers maybe once a week if that. So I am happy to report to everyone that we have found an amazing household line that can make a change for everyone.
Thanks, Salene
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