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Re: Oats

Postby Lucy » Mon Mar 20, 2006 8:22 pm

Hi There

I have suffered since birth with eczema and now at 26 I am trying chinese herbs(which seem to be starting to help!)But over the last few months I have been bathing with oats (organic of course!) that I ring through a tea towel and it has helped so much with the eczema on my arms and then followed with aveeno cream I get to experience having soft skin for a while which is great relief just before I go to sleep


Re: Oats

Postby Samuel Wong » Thu Oct 26, 2006 10:22 pm

My son is three months old and he is suffering from eczema problem like many others in this country (UK). After hours and hours of research, I believe the water is the key problem, many people find Aveeno bath oil works very well, it could be because it contains Ascobic Acid( or generally called vitamin C) and Citric Acid; Ascobic acid can remove chlorine and chloramine, citric acid can help soften water. Chlorine, chloramine and excessive calcium in the water are the culprits in skin problems. (*you may have to check with your water company to find out what chemicals are in your water)

Additional info: someone in the forum said he bought ascobic acid powder and citric acid, and mixed them up in water to get softened water for bath, he claimed it is more troublesome but is much cheaper than vitamin C shower filter.

I am going to install water softener and probably together with the shower filter in my house, let you guys know the result later.
Samuel Wong

Re: Oats

Postby Totoro » Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:46 pm


I don't eat oats because they make my throat itchy. I went to see the doctor and the doctor said it was nothing to do with my eczema. He said it was normal and it also happens with apples and other fruit and vegetables. (I was itchy in my throat with apple before) I remember when I was younger, I was not allowed to eat fruit or vegetables but now I do.

Re: Oats

Postby Oussama » Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:42 am

I have had eczema off and on my whole life. I would go to the tocdor and he would give me a cream that would not work or tell me to use a cortisone cream. The cortisone cream would kind of work, but the eczema would flare up again, when I stopped using it. I feel that cortisone cream is kind of a band aid for eczema. It does not fix the problem. My sister-in-law told me about Eczemaderm about a year ago and I decided to try it. I remember my first thoughts when I applied the cream it felt a bit waxy, but not greasy. It also has a bit of a medical smell to it, like something they would give you from a pharmacy. Immediately after applying the cream the itching pretty much stopped. I was happy about that. After a day, I noticed that the eczema was getting better and after 3-4 days it was completely gone. I still get flare ups and I use the cream when I notice it coming on. I also use the cream when I don't have eczema to help prevent it from coming if I get the feeling that I may get a flare up. That seems to work too.

Re: Oats

Postby Valery » Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:27 am

I really like your lautyos and designs for your scrapbooks. I like how they aren't overly sentimental (maybe cutesy is a better word) My one and only suggestion would be to make sure that it doesn't come off as being your album for him have him do a page similar to this (where he is the author) to balance it out. That way when your children look at it in the years to come they can sense the love you had for each other not the just the love you have for your husband.

Re: Oats

Postby Muhammad » Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:40 am

Porridge for one:1/4 cup steel cut oats1 cup 2% milk + more, depending on cotcnsiensy preference1 tsp Almond Butter1 tbspn Honey1 tsp of flax seeds1 tbspn pepitas1/2 tsp cinnamonhandful of raisins or dried applefresh fruit for topping (I like bananas, apples, or pears)Combine milk, almond butter, cinnamon and honey in a small saucepan. Bring to a simmer. Add the oats and dried fruit of choice. Allow to simmer gently for about five minutes, while stirring occasionally to prevent porridge from sticking to bottom of pan. Add pepitas and flax seeds, stir, and cook for two minutes if you like a thinner porridge. If you like your porridge thick, cook for another 4 minutes. If the porridge gets too thick, add a bit more milk. Top with fresh fruit and enjoy!Serve hot.

Re: Oats

Postby wycker199 » Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:54 am

hello, i am a long time reader of eczemavoice forums and first time poster.

just a little bit of background about me, i was diagnosed with eczema about 5 years ago and have been on cortico-steroids of increasing strength since then, until recently... i discovered that in the latter few years i had "red skin syndrome" or tropical steroid withdrawal symptoms... not so much eczema -- my skin flare ups followed a certain pattern.. its a little long winded but if curious you can find more information about it on http://itsan.org/

anyways, long story short, i know oatmeal baths do not work for everyone (everyone is different) but it has worked wonders for me in providing temporary relief (c'mon its not a miracle cure).. particulary as i go through this steroid withdrawl process. if you do try it, i would suggest do so for a period of 6 weeks.

just a friendly tip to those out there, PLEASE use organic oatmeal -- DO NOT BATHE YOURSELF IN NASTY CHEMICALS!! i personally purchase pre-made organic oatmeal powder sachets from a seller i found on gumtree, an australian online classifieds (yes, i am australian) and it works a treat!

i personally would recommend natural oatmeal baths to everyone, not just those who have eczema.. but i also understand that our body's are different.
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Re: Oats

Postby harrison8bal » Thu Aug 29, 2013 4:08 pm

Hey, using oat baths are AMAZING!

It's probably one of the best natural remedies for smoothening the skin, while prolonged exposure underwater is bad but adding the bath with oats really helps.

I once bought a bag of them and threw in the bath with me, it got a little white and I bathed for about 15 minutes and got out, it's really good on the skin, and usually you'd need moisturizers after a shower/bath, right? From the oats, you barely need any extra moisturizing on top...

But it gets slippery so watch out.
I'm Harrison and I once suffered from eczema for 10 years but I cured it in 2013. Currently writing a book on it. For now, grab your eBook on 10 Eczema Questions You've Always Want Answered Truthfully (free PDF) e.g. does eczema have a cure?
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