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Salt Loading Bromine Toxicity

Salt Loading Bromine Toxicity

Postby Lunula » Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:20 am

Hello All...I do not have Eczema...but I had a bout with Polymorphous light eruption. I've spent some time researching and noticed that it's similar. I've been on an Iodine Protocol for about 4 months and the first time I went out in the sun I got the rash. Had it for over a week and then it hit me...I'm circulating Bromine from the Iodine protocol.... The way to cleanse bromine is with Salt Loading,so I tried it. Yes, I have been neglecting my salt intake, so it made sense.... Within one hour, the rash was completely gone! I have still small soars that will have to heal...but the itching and swelling is all gone. This has been hanging around for over a week and within one hour was gone. I'm completely convinced that the skin immune system was compromised by the free flowing bromine released when I take the iodine.

Your forum came up in my searches, so I thought I'd share. It may be very likely that you are all suffering from a skin reaction to Bromine toxicity...just like I was. It's crazy how many symptoms come from Bromine toxicity, why not this one too!?!? Heck, what have you got to loose? It's a bit of salt!! Anyone interested in Iodine or Salt Loading is welcome to contact me.



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