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Eczema around eyes

Eczema around eyes

Postby nikki0615 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:27 am

Hi I am suffering from eczema around eyes for few months now. Its now a bit better than in the beginning but it recently started to become worse again. I had used hydrocortisone before but stop it asap i read that its not good to use around eye area. I have been on appointments with many dermatologists but they haven't been any helpful. Last i was prescribed to use Protopic and Epaderm ointment around my eyes, it seemed to help to clear it. But after i was left with those terrible wrinkles .. 2 deep under one eye and few more deep under other and i tried doublebase and diprobase recently as i was previously prescripted but that just worsened my condition and my eyes become red from doublebase maybe some bad reaction but my upper eyelid is now not smooth anymore and looks very dry and a bit wrinkly and i can feel that something isn't right when i close my eyes because i feel that warm sensation.

I'm now confused about what to use around my eyes and don't really want to put Epaderm as its very tick and greasy and i don't think that its good for delicate around eye area and usually when I keep it for longer time on my eyes my under eye lines looks like kept in water.. and i now have also few lines under eye that goes from inner corner up to cheek ..looks terrible like crows feet, but i'm only 19 years old ..
I'm just so depressed about this I cant even sleep at night and i'm now more stressful than ever in my life..
Can you please advise me what do you use around your eyes and on face. And maybe how to minimize deep wrinkles under eye?
Many Thanks and looking forward hearing from you! (:
my email is nikki06150@gmail.com
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Re: Eczema around eyes

Postby Cookie » Sun Dec 09, 2012 10:34 pm

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