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A for Immediate relief

A for Immediate relief

Postby gdavies » Sat Jun 18, 2005 8:45 am

I have had patchy eczema on my arms and legs for over 60 years. My family have a predisposition to asthma, hayfever and allergic skin reactions. I have recently been having a "purge" to try and remove the patches for good! That is a vain hope but I now know how to control it.
First, for an acute itch and redness, try Balneum(medecinal bath oil) available in British chemists: I bathe affected area with a dilute solution in cold water and achieve immediate and dramatic relief of itche and redness. I have also found Piriton or Benadryl tablets also to be effective for that. I took Benadryl as a boy in the 1950's and had no harmful effects.
For longer term care, I have tried steroid creams such as Betnovate but understand they thin the skin if used regularly. I don't find the cream that effective in any case. Following a very interesting article in the Times on 11.06.05 entitled "Scratching the surface", I am experimenting with Flaxseed oil tablets and after less than a week there is a noticeable improvement in the depth of inflammation. I am taking 3 1000mg tablets per day reducing to 2.
My lifetime conclusions are that you have to keep working at it. There is no single remedy. Experiment and find what works for you. I think that in my own case as "atopic", regular moisturisation is essential. I also seek to protect my inflamed areas as the slightest provocation, be it hot water, insect bite, brushing against green foliage or chafing fabric seems to trigger a reaction.
I hope this helps and but any other options gratefully received.

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