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New Zealand balm worked fast for me

New Zealand balm worked fast for me

Postby gloria » Sat Dec 01, 2007 7:31 pm

Firstly, I'd like to say that I know from vast experience that not every treatment works for every person but I'd just like to share this one which helped me greatly recently.

I visited NZ last month and my eczema flared up due to who knows what - new environment, horrid air on the flight, encountering new pets - it could be anything. As I said at the time, I looked like someone had thrown a chip pan over my face, it got so bad.

I looked on the internet for any local product I could try to help me and came across (www)potofgoldbalm.co.nz
Fortunately I was in an area that I could pick up a free trial sample so I could see if I had any bad allergic reaction to it or not. No, I didn't and it seemed to moisturise my skin well initially so I bought a small tub. My sister, being a medical person, was very skeptical that anything based on beeswax would help and pretty much derided my decision to spend my money on it.

I have to say that my skin eruption cleared totally within days and, back in the UK now, it has continued to look remarkably clear. I think it has worked for me personally.
I reckon it's worth a try as all you have to do to get a free sample is pay for shipping of a tiny pot that lasts for ages - it truly is a balm that spreads for miles! It's not very expensive to buy anyway :)

Also, here in the UK I have found that, in recent years, Dermatique have created my lifesaver, steadfast products for everyday comfortable skin and I wouldn't have a bath or shower without using them. Again, all natural and no petrochemicals. Please please Dermatique never stop doing what you're doing!

I hope my experience with these products helps someone out there. I know I started off by saying I'd share my experience with one thing but actually, as I said, not one thing seems to work for everyone, myself included!

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