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African herbal skin cream

African herbal skin cream

Postby dbhiggy » Thu Mar 20, 2008 10:45 am

I read about a cream called Themba for eczema in Manchester Evening News earlier this year and, having a 11 month old boy also with atopic eczema, I was very interested in the story.

I've tried every cream/ointment/emulsifier there is in the last 6 months and really felt quite desperate. So, I decided to give the creams mentioned in the article a try. Within two and a half weeks my little boy's skin is amazing. All the redness and angryness has gone and although he still has some eczema in the creases behind his legs and on the inside of his elbows, I'm really confident that this cream will get rid of that.

Reading that article has been life changing for us and we're actually getting some sleep at night
now. Andrea in the story also used evening primrose oil and acidophilus (she'd had anti-biotics when she was pregnant) and for her second little girl she used Themba cream and Oshana cream from the same company plus diprobase and an anti-histamine.

Hope this helps someone!

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