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Dermalex Repair Cream

Dermalex Repair Cream

Postby Aussie » Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:20 am

hi fellow eczema suffers. I recommend Dermalex repair cream which was created for eczema. it is a non steroid cream and it has worked on my eczema to keep it controlled.

The first day that i got it i applied it on my skin and the next morning my face had never been smoother in 4 years time. Please note that i only have very mild eczema ( i never itch or scratch) and i only just started to use steroid cream for the first time in my life last week. Result = no eczema anywhere on my body anymore. However i will only use steroid cream when Dermalex repair cannot reduce my eczema.

Where to buy this? google it they have a website and hopefully a online pharmacy in your country stocks it so they can ship it to you.

How i found this cream? i browsed forums online in my country and this cream had the MOST feedback from eczema suffers as well as alot of parents were using this for their babys.

I hope my input can help change physically or mentally an individual who has eczema.

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