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kombucha beats eczema

kombucha beats eczema

Postby eop » Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:41 am

For some time now I wanted to post this with the hope to help people with eczema. What I'm going to say may sound strange - kombucha beats eczema easily.
My story - I had eczema on hands for about 15 years, tried everything I could find to no avail. It was hard to believe that I'll never see my hands free from eczema, but in the end I got used to understanding that it'll stay with me forever. Some time ago however I found a little story online that kombucha has helped a child with a severe eczema all over the body. Reluctantly I decided to try, I thought there is no more than 1-2% chance. I started making kombucha at home (normally people brew it to drink) and applying it on my skin 2 times a day. First week there was no changes, second week skin certainly started improving, third week eczema was gone.
I still don't have it (even a little tiny bit of it) for more than a year since I started. I still brew kombucha just for my skin and apply it on my hands once a day or two days. I also use it as a aftershave lotion - it's better than anything else for that matter.
I also like that kombucha when applied on skin dries up very quickly with no trace, which makes it perfect to use before you leave home for work.
Kombucha is easy to make at home, very cheap, almost free. Just find a good source to buy a starter baby-kombucha from online and off you go.

I really hope that this can help everyone who may have suffered from eczema for years. I still don't understand why kombucha is not even mentioned in the wikipedia article on eczema - it helped so comprehensively in my case.
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