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Turmeric - 100% recovery for 3yr old severe attack!

Turmeric - 100% recovery for 3yr old severe attack!

Postby Sushma » Sun Feb 02, 2014 7:09 pm

Steps I took:

1. Took half a teaspoon of Bio Turmeric powder, mixed with water and applied on the afflicted spots - the itch goes away with immediate effect. Wait for a few hours, as turmeric dries it out, though it simultaneously but instantly takes away the itch and keeps it that way. 50% of the fight is won with that. You can order it on Amazon.

(Do note that turmeric stains clothes, skin etc. But don't panic if one starts looking like the Simpson family. One can wear gloves while applying. Also after a couple of washes it goes away. With clothes, best use old clothes. When it comes to the bath tub, it comes off with ease with baking soda.)

2. Then start the next step - the rest 50% of the fight is to lubricate the really dry skin - started with 100% coconut oil. It has to be done every hour or so, even through the night. And one can scale it down after a few days. In the last step moved to Castor oil (twice a day). It worked like a charm. He was back to his baby skin! Now I just do it twice a day with coconut oil i.e immediately after his bath and before he goes to sleep.

(Ensure the oils are cold pressed and bio)

3. I also bathe him with hot water, the way he likes it everyday, not luke warm as was suggested by everyone. Water is not good for them, as it dries them out more. So I add rice starch to his bathing water - an old Japanese remedy for great skin. Just take a handful of rice, boil it in about 2 litres of water and strain. Infact, research has shown that immersing in rice starch twice a day for about 15 minutes, gets the skin to recover by 20%. And the other thing I do - I first oil massage him before immersing him in his bath; and as soon as I take him out, I immediately seal him off with oil. It really works with him! He loves it & so relaxed after the bath!

4. I also ensure that he drinks the Avène mineral water from France - about half liter a day now. They have a natural hot thermal spring in Avène, France. There are some exceptional results from that specific one. We plan to do a three week therapy session there, even if he does not experience AD again. Some other things I have included as part of his diet - I give him a quarter teaspoon of cod liver oil everyday from Green Pastures (the only brand I would suggest); and a quarter teaspoon of Manuka honey in the mornings (ensure Manuka honey is labelled either UMF or MFO - 10+ UMF or 100 MFO - it goes higher, but for kids it may not be suitable. Though I use the 250 MFO, but only give a quarter teaspoon); and a glass of turmeric milk (googled the recipe) in the evenings. AND today everything in my kitchen is BIO. Also no chemicals in my house by way of cleaning agents - use vinegar, baking soda etc..

5. For his head I used bio Neem oil (really smells horrid but has great effect) and the smell anyway goes away, after I washed it off with Tee Tree Shampoo.

5. Though being advised to avoid a whole range of foods, I am not holding back anything other than eggs. I only suspect eggs after observing him. I will re-introduce eggs to him again in about six months. He is back again to his healthy eating days. This year Christmas, the treats will be very limited in our home, as I strongly feel refined sugar was a major contributor.

6. The inner garments that make direct contact with the skin are made of derma silk.

He is back to his baby skin!!! The whole process of recovery took 3 weeks. It was his first attack and it was a severe bout covering his entire body. I truly doubt he will suffer from it again.
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